2015/16 Knicks Roster Power Rankings – Week 16

The Knicks lost every game this week, no one is playing particularly well, and now coach Fisher has been fired.  Greek Salad hasn’t been resigned yet so we’re back down to 14 players on the roster.
Rank Player Comments Last weeks Rank
1 Lopez, Robin Lopez started off the week with a great game agains the Celtics and a Monster game against the Pistons.  He also played 30 minutes or more in every game this week.  He didn’t do anything against the Nuggets, but no one strung together 4 good games this week and that 26 and 16 game against Detroit was most impressive.  Good enough for Lopez first #1 ranking of the season. 3
2 Porzingis, Kristaps Porzingis did the opposite of Lopez, played poorly against Boston and Detroit and then looked amazing against Memphis and Denver.  Imagine one day all our guys played well at the same time? 4
3 Afflalo, Arron This is representative of how bad the Knicks have been.  Afflalo didn’t have a very good week and moved up 2 spots. 5
4 Anthony, Carmelo Oh my lord did Melo shoot bad this week.  He said it’s because his knee is hurting which is just great.  Years 1 and 2 of his max contract have been disasters.  Good thing Melo got to the line, rebounded, and passed to make up for his shooting, but now he’s starting to miss a bunch of games so I’m getting pretty nervos. 1
5 Galloway, Langston Galloway had a nice showing against Detroit, but was absolute trash in the games he started this week. 2
6 Thomas, Lance At this point no one else from here on down did anything good basketball wise, so sure, Lance at #6 sounds good. I think I’m just going to give my thoughts on the team for the rest of the rankings. 6
7 Williams, Derrick I mean no one on the team seems to be interesting in playing decent basketball for 4 entire quarters so why should I be interested in analyzing who played slightly better out of a bunch of bad players. 7
8 Grant, Jerian It’s also hard to rank players when everyone on the bench plays 10-15 minutes and puts up almost nothing stat-wise. 8
9 Vujacic, Sasha Maybe Fisher getting fired will result in more sensical rotations.  Maybe get some continuity going.  Hopefully shorten the rotation again. 9
10 Calderon, Jose An 8 man rotation seemed to be working much better than the 10-12 man rotation, so of course Fisher went away from that. 12
11 O’Quinn, Kyle I mean we have to make room for Sasha to get 15 minutes.  What would we do without him stinking up both ends of the court with his douche face. 10
12 Seraphin, Kevin But is Rambis going to be any better? He was what, 50-200 with Minny and thought Love wasn’t deserving of starter minutes? 14
13 Amundson, Lou It has been years since that run, so maybe Rambis has developed.  Being an assistant coach for a few years should teach you a few things. 13
14 Early, Cleanthony And that’s what Fisher should have been.  I don’t know why Phil thought Fisher would instantly be a good coach.  That kind of thing never happens.  Unless you are in Boston. Or Golden State. Or Brooklyn.  Just not in NY. 15


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