2015/16 Knicks Roster Power Rankings – Week 19

Three games this week. We got to see a little of everything; the Knicks clicking and looking like a real team, and then 2 days later the Knicks looking like a team that’s given up.   I’ll try not to make this too negative, but the Knicks have lost 14 of the last 17 games so there isn’t too much to be positive about.
Rank Player Comments Last weeks Rank
1 Porzingis, Kristaps Pretty good week for Porzingis, we saw some good shooting nights, some excellent blocks, and a classy response to a prom proposal. I like this guy more every day. 3
2 Anthony, Carmelo I think it’s about time to start calling Melo our best PG. His shot is off again, and I’m really worried that Rambis is going to destry what’s left of Melo’s knees with all the minutes he’s been getting in meaningless blowout games. 1
3 Lopez, Robin Robin is still looking for his offense, which is really great. He’s been better than people have been giving him credit for. 2
4 Galloway, Langston Langston puts up decent numbers on the bench.   Every time he starts he looks kind of overwhelmed and the Knicks get blown out. 4
5 Thomas, Lance Quiet week for Lance. I miss December 2015 Lance. 5
6 Calderon, Jose Looks like everyone in the basketball universe calling for his head made Jose turn back the clock a little, scoring more than he has in a few weeks. Still can’t rack up any assists or defend anyone though. 14
7 Grant, Jerian Grant hasn’t looked good, but he literally couldn’t be worse than what Calderon and Sasha have been doing. Let him get some run and develop. 7
8 Williams, Derrick Still showing flashes of excellent play, but needs to really pick it up on the defensive end. 6
9 Afflalo, Arron I now see why teams weren’t exactly fighting over the right to sign Afflalo. 8
10 O’Quinn, Kyle Looks like O’Quinn is in the doghouse, not just with Fisher, but with Porzingis as well. 10
11 Fredette, Jimmer Can someone explain to me why the Knicks would sign someone to a 10 day contract and then not play him? He’s better than Sasha and it’s not like the Knicks are battling for a playoff spot. 9
12 Early, Cleanthony Rumor has it that Cleanthony might scrimmage as early as next week. That’s great news! 13
13 Seraphin, Kevin Good thing we signed Seraphin instead of a backcourt guy. We’re really going to need him if the 5 power forwards ahead of him get injured. 11
14 Amundson, Lou Hi Lou! 12
15 Vujacic, Sasha Sasha has not hit a shot since February 7th which is also the same date he last successfully covered someone. Still gets minutes. 15



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