New York Knicks Vs Toronto Raptors – 11/12/16 – Game Recap

New York Knicks Vs Toronto Raptors
Game 9: November 12, 2016
Raptors 118, Knicks 107

Written by Eric Weinstein – @ericcweinsteinn

Can SOMEBODY play some defense?

On the second night of a back to back, the Knicks lost another tough game, as they dropped this one to the Toronto Raptors, 118-107. Carmelo Anthony led the Knicks with 31 points, but that wasn’t enough to defeat the Raptors. DeMar DeRozan, the NBA’s leading scorer, paced Toronto with 33 points.

Takeaways from this game:

This team cannot defend, which should be news to nobody:

I don’t know if I could count how many easy baskets the Raptors scored tonight. Whether it was Kyle Lowry and Norman Powell getting to the rim, or open threes for the Raptors shooters, it was they were warming up. And when the Knicks decided to try and play solid D, they ended up bailing them out with a foul, (See, “Courtney Lee“ who had a tough time guarding DeRozan in the third quarter). The Raptors took 38 free throw attempts, making 33, and shot 47 percent from the field. Watching Raptors players drive past Joakim Noah (who did have a really nice game with 18 rebounds) was so frustrating, and the fouling by basically everyone on the roster was maddening. Clyde always says, “Play defense with you feet, and not your hands.” Maybe they should’ve hired him as the defensive coach.

DeMar DeRozan is a problem:

This dude can fill it up. DeRozan had 33 points tonight, which is actually one point below his average for the season, but the way he scores is so fun to watch. DeRozan barely takes any shots from behind the arc, and is so smooth with his drives to the rim and mid-range jumpers. A true throwback, and fun to watch. It would be more fun if he didn’t play for a team in the same division, but what can you do.

KP’s Dunk:

Not a lot to say about this, only that it was so dope. Love this man.

Other notes:

The story of this game was defense. The Knicks scored 107 points, which is more than enough to win in the NBA. Derrick Rose, Carmelo Anthony, and Kristaps Porzingis all looked great on the offensive end of the floor, but the team defense is atrocious, and you don’t need me to tell you that. Until that improves, the Knicks are going to lose a lot of games like this. The bright spot in this game is that they really competed against a team that most people would say is better than them, and hung around the whole game. It was about as intense and entertaining as a November game could get. The Knicks get the injury riddled Dallas Mavericks on Monday night at the Garden, led by Harrison Barnes. Let’s hope they learn how to defend before that one. 3-6.


One thought on “New York Knicks Vs Toronto Raptors – 11/12/16 – Game Recap

  1. Gentlemen… god… What to do.. Its your old and regular listener Stefan writing to you once again; Or “Stee-Fan” as you mildly illiterate and respectable gentleman like to address me as.

    Like both of you, I watch EVERY knicks game of the season, and my unwarranted optimism about the knicks is distressingly dissapaiting faster than previous years. Am I insane to feel like that already after an argueabley irrelevant first 8 games into a very long and undecided season?

    Im in dire need of some vague affirmation as to what can we conclude thus far about what this teams biggest fault is; unless of course it is just the ever increasing skepticism of the “we need more time for chemistry”

    forgive my semi lengthy exhibits on the catalyst for this teams under achievement; but having said that, I respectfully know more about my knicks than both you and your emphysema robot from 2001 a space oddyssey you hosted with 2 weeks ago.

    1. Do you think it could legitimately just be a true lack of effort consistantly or the depressing idea that our puzzle pieces just dont fit well together? Poor hornacek has to ask the Ouji board before each game which bench player is gonna show up for him tonight and continue to struggle on rotations.

    2. I hate to even suggest it because Mello has been putting up nice numbers this season and he has held us together in moments so far, but could he somehow be the problem?
    My final assesment on Melo is that his ISO game is so god damn good that everyone lets him hold the ball, but at the same time no one moves AT ALL when he has the ball or is on the court, the 3point line moat is coming back! I submit that he is not built to run an up tempo fast paced offense that Hornacek wants to run because of his style and its just ruining the knicks in stretches.

    3. I am very stoked with rose so far, the dude has been playing above all 3 of our expectations i would say.(confirm or disconfirm that please) You shit on his defense, but I think he plays formidable defense and has made some impressive blocks and steals at times thus far. MY CONCERN : I have not really ever watched him alot till this season and what I am seeing is that although he can get to the rim with ease, he lacks the ability to facilitate the offense a large portion of times and misses open guys frequently. He plays at times like a 2 guard with more penetration ability and less outside shot than a primary play maker, which is what seems to be the keys for knicks wins: a ton of assists.

    4. Lastly, just to throw another luming body on the fire, could the problem simply be this creepy abc sitcom style dynamic between Hornacek, rambis and Phil that seems to be in constant dismay? Phil Jackson seems like the high maintance girlfriend who dates you with lots of strings attached.

    Help me guys. I see these as note worthy speculations. Which one if any do you see as the potential fix? Also, I require affirmation from both of you if you like my exhibits. Waiting for a show invite

    -Go Knicks #grabherbythepussy


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