Episode 361: The Sky is Falling

Marc and Jay talk about the losing streak, injuries, the roster, Noah, and more

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2 thoughts on “Episode 361: The Sky is Falling

  1. Hey brothers, thanks for the condensed shout out of my rant last week. Jay, well done, My name is in fact pronounced Stefan, but lets keep the mystique of Ste-fan going. Jay, why are you giving up on rose after this week dude? Your better than that… He made it pretty clear what our team is without him. NOT MUCH at all. Still a great trade, Lopez will always be a very replaceable stat line.
    Guys, the sky is not falling. 3 game loss with our floor general not on the court.
    \ Rose has proved quite durable, thus far. Quite sure there is a laundry list of top starting PG’s around the league that have missed 3-5 games already this season.
    Sadly, this team has shown to be fragile in some areas. when not at full health mainly Guard, I thnk we have enough forward options to make due if melo misses a game. All I saw this week in our 3 game skid were teams at full strength beating us without our most pivotal player that runs the offense, because Melo is not that person. Rose/Jennings isnt quite Jennings/Baker duo. All I look at is how commanding the knicks play when Rose is healthy.
    Those games held very little weight to me without him playing. Jay I was surprised you see our center as the weekest position. We have an overpayed Veteran who is serviceable and a spanish rookie who WILL be one of the better true centers in this league in 5 years I bet. Noah is overpayed, and so is everyone. Hornacek seems to work a beautiful way of playing KOQ,,Billy and Noah in a productive roration, and it works well.
    I reallllllllllllly wish I could tooth fairy a letter under Hornaceks pillow about Marks starting lineup suggestion. knicks play better with 1 or 2 faster guys, Holiday would be a great 3 and hes 6ft8 so he is not a small guy. Ide like to see noah off the bench, I think he could be valuable in second unit with there pass frenzy style of play. PS: Melo’s starting to look gassed finally this year. the decline begins. never seen him be so hot one game/ ice cold the next so regularly. Merry Xmas boys.
    Give me 10 Minutes on your show! I’ll behave. Havent missed a knicks game in 4 years!



    • (Marc) You are welcome to come on. Next recording is going to likely be next Wednesday, the 28th bc the holidays are screwing up our recording schedule. We start recording at 8:30pm EST, sometimes a bit later depending on when I can get my kids down. Feel free to skype us or call in.

      Skype – thebrinkofsanity

      Phone or Voicemail – 631-676-1181 (Welcome to call during the show on skype or this number or if you want to leave a voicemail we can play it during the show).


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