Marc and Jay talk about the last few games, Ron Baker, the defense, trade deadline, around the NBA, and much more. We manage to finish recording the show right before we find out Rose is appearing on milk cartons, which is a little frustrating but so are the Knicks.

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One thought on “Episode 364: WHAT IS HAPPENING?

  1. I THINK if we can land 1 higher tier combo guard in exchange for 2 or begrudgingly 3 of our pretty solid selection of bench players, it could make a positive impact. and it would also make hornacek commit more consistantly to his bench rotation/deveopment. Noahs contract sucksm but im ok with KP,Noah,Oquinn and slowly but sure hernangomez holding it down for us. tHE unsolved rubix cube seems to be the wrong mesh of players on the roster that make up our guard rotations. That could also be me just looking for any stretch to not publically state that Melo is the only knick on the rose that needs to be traded. Mark, Jay, who needs to go on this team? or more specifically who do we have to begrudgingly part with to make this team more effective.


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