2016/17 Knicks Roster Power Rankings – Week 15

The Knicks went 1-2 since last weeks rankings, although losing in 4OT felt like 2 losses. The offense has been there but the defense is still a huge problem. The Knicks have held exactly 1 team below 100 in January, and that was Philly whom they held to 98 in a loss.
Rank Player Comments Last weeks Rank
1 Anthony, Carmelo If this is indeed Melo’s last few weeks as a Knick he’s going out with a bang. A 30 and a 45 point game this week on efficient shooting might make a couple teams seriously consider making an offer. 1
2 Lee, Courtney Great week for Courtney. Almost won the game a couple times against the Hawks. For those of you who wanted him to shoot more, he’s over 13 attempts per game this week and shooting at a super efficient clip. 5
3 Porzingis, Kristaps Porzingis probably had his best week of 2017. Not saying much because he’s been downright bad or injured most of the time, but had to put him up here after that dunk on Dwight. 9
4 O’Quinn, Kyle We have Noah, Plumlee, and Hernangomez on the team, yet the much smaller O’Quinn defends and blocks shots better than all those guys. 7
5 Jennings, Brandon We got to see all 3 Jennings this week. The one that disappears, the one that scores like crazy, and the distributer that racks up more assists in one game than Rose in a week. 8
6 Hernangomez, Willy FREE WILLY! No excuse for giving him 3 minutes in a 60 minute game. He’s better than Noah at this point. 3
7 Kuzminskas, Mindaugas Kuz has a pretty crazy +/-, since he’s always part of the bench squad that has to bail the starters out of a 14 point deficit. 10
8 Holiday, Justin Not the best week for Holiday, but I always feel better when he’s on the court as aposed to everyone below him this week. 4
9 Baker, Ron Rose is out and Baker still doesn’t get a lot of run because developing players is for suckers. 6
10 Noah, Joakim I don’t care how many rebounds Noah gets, when you are this big of a liability on offense you are almost unplayable. 11
11 Rose, Derrick Rose was pretty bad against Dallas and the Hornets, but when he got injured and Jennings played in his spot I realized just how little I’d miss him if he left (like left for good, not just left unannounced to miss a game) 2
12 Plumlee, Marshall Considering O’Quinn, Noah, Porzingis has to foul out just to get Willy 3 minutes of playing time, I’m guessing we’ll probabaly never see Plumlee again. 12
13 Thomas, Lance Holy crap, I just realized we locked Thomas up for 4 years. Phil…..we gotta talk man. 13
14 Ndour, Maurice Ndour is young so I kinda sorta see the point of keeping him on the roster, unlike…. 15
15 Vujacic, Sasha WHY ARE WE KEEPING SASHA ON THE TEAM?!?!?!   Dallas, Philly, and others are all using the last spot on the roster to take a chance on new guys to see if they can get lucky, and it’s working. Don’t give me that mentor the Euro guys crap, 40 games is fine, they’ve been mentored. Time to make moves that make actual basketball sense. 14


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