Episode 369: Dumpster Fire

Marc and Jay talk about the last few games,the coaching, Phil Jackson, drama on and off the court, listener calls, and lots more

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One thought on “Episode 369: Dumpster Fire

  1. Hello my dudes,

    samurai shame dwells within me to say I actually opted to not watch several of the last few games over the last 2 weeks due to the great inner pain watching the knicks lose by under 5 points almost every game. Poor dad, he must be so disapointed….
    Havent had a chance to write in to you guys for a while since you were kind enough to have me on your show a while back. I hope that was only moderately regretable and equally entertaining for both of you. And if needed, my apologies to you both for my inability to hit the off switch while on air. I also hope the listeners enjoyed the broadcast as well. Hope to get an invite back on soon. I would love to be the Robin to your double Batmans.


    Mark,Jay: Did I have an ephimony the last 2 weeks. Full permission to tell me im out of my mind,,, but here i go.

    I by luck landed unbelieve lower mezzanine Knicks vs Charlotte tickets at msg. (honorable mentions to me meeting Ewing before the game)
    I was so close to the floor I saw things that you just dont see on the tv. I was courtside for pregame warmup and watched clips of them in the hallway before coming out on the floor. What I observed was Derrick Rose looking like the black sheep of this team, I watched all of the young guys bring it in and huddle in the locker room and Rose stould by himself with his head down. I just saw a person who does not look like a leader. He looked like he was in his own bubble; no interaction at all with any of the guys, One of the first few plays of the game, I saw point blank, Rose scream at hernangomez for missing a play on defense. This was not Lebron James touch love I saw administrated. It was straight up toxic.

    TELL ME THIS IS FUCKING NUTS OR MAYBE RIGHT? Ever since melos trade rumors have been a giant dumpster fire, Melo has been playing UNBELIEVABLEY! I had an insane thought that is he really who needs to go? Sure, for the right price..but we are the knicks, that just wont happen.

    It dawned on me that I think Derrick Rose might be the issue sad to say. His defense is getting exponentially worse since the start of the season and, as I mention before and I hope to get your agreement on the issue that Rose has ZEROOOOOO chemistry with any players on this team. Jennings, KP, Melo, take your pick! Melo is getting older as contracts will continue to rise, and God bless him, that cat wants to keep his ass in a knicks jersey and I got to respect that. Rose and a lance thomas for a Rubio or even a Jrue Holiday perhaps? Melo and KP neeeeeeed a ball general to get KP to the next level as do all of the young bench we have who we’ve been play some good ball (with out Rose on the court) Melo is getting old, but I dont see him lately as THE problem for this team, I see a lights out shooter who can potentially begin to come off bench as he gets older and I actually see a team that is just that one or two puzzle piece away from really playing well. We need a true defense and dish pg that can keep the ball moving, allowing melo as he ages to not have to create his own shot so much, and a pg who can really vibe with KP (and Hernangomez) and utilize them better. I dont think Rose is that guy. I really dont.

    quick drops
    -Happy with bench play more or less. Kuz KOQ and Hernangomze are 3 young bucks to get excited about. cement for the future

    – you guys hate jennings, I dont hate him. resign him at a reasonable rate if possible. Mark Jay suggest to me a better bench pg and how much more/less would you pay to get him? That also would mean losing continuity.
    1. lets actually keep some people on the roster next year ,Jennings and the bigs chemistry is only getting better and the bigs are only getting older..
    2. through all his faults, he is one of the more talented backup pg options out there, You exepct your backup pg to not lay an egg and keep you afloat, Jennings dishes like a starter and I bet hed look alot better at 2 guard on defense next to a rubio or jrue holiday. How many back ups can give you 10 assists a game?

    THATS MY RANT! Lets not blow up the team, Get a point guard to complement our starters better. Rose is just not a good fit. Chris Paul – Paul pierce;
    Melo- and?

    And lets bury Noah in the desert. we dont need him at all.


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