Breaking Down The New York Knicks Schedule (Part 1)

Breaking Down The New York Knicks Schedule (Part 1)

Written by Daniel Yurchenko – Follow Daniel on Instagram

As September 26th which is the start of training camp is less then a month away, it’s time to dive into the Knicks schedule. For all these games i will assume Melo will be a Knick. I’ll breakdown each game in 3 different articles.

Game 1: Knicks @ Thunder 88-105
The Thunder are clearly a superior team especially defensively however this will still be the first regular season game for the new look thunder, Im not convinced the thunder will blow the Knicks out but they should win.
Knicks 0-1

Game 2: Pistons @ Knicks 97-109
The Pistons are an intriguing team, they replaced KCP with
Avery Bradley, and also lost Markieff Morris. This is the Knicks Home Opener and I believe the Knicks stand a good chance of winning, there are just so many deficiencies in Stanley Johnson, Andre Drummond, and Reggie Jackson.
Knicks 1-1

Game 3: Knicks @ Celtics 94-119
The Celtics with the new acquisitions of Kyrie and Hayward should be very fun to watch. I don’t think the Knicks have a chance away from home to give the Celtics a good game.
Knicks 1-2

Game 4: Nets @ Knicks 103-111
The Nets completely reshaped their team this offseason. I’m a huge fan of what Sean marks completed this offseason. That being said they basically have a brand new starting 5 ( Lin was injured last season for almost all of it). So I’m going to take the Knicks here.
Knicks 2-2

Game 5: Knicks @ Cavs 97- 111
The biggest question is which team Carmelo will be playing this game on, as there is a distinct possibility Melo ends up with the completely new Cavs team. Regardless the Cavs should have an easy win.
Knicks 2-3

Game 6: Nuggets @ Knicks 127-116
This could be a great game to attend as both teams play almost no defense, it should be high scoring game and we get to see the new look tandem of young star Nikola Jokic and Paul Milsap go up against KP in a battle for who the best young european player is.
Knicks 2-4

Game 7: Rockets @ Knicks 121-99
Ah, the big question will Melo be a rocket at this time or is he still a Knick. I think if this is a Melo return game it would be a great game to attend. If not it’d still be great to see how the new Houston backcourt meshes.
Knicks 2-5

Game 8: Suns @ Knicks 105-107
This could be one of the best close games the Knicks have. The battle of the young shooting guards as Devin Booker goes up against THJ. And we can see Melo vs. defensive stopper Josh Jackson who was a top 5 pick.
Knicks 3-5

Game 9: Pacers @ Knicks 111-106
I have no clue what to think about the pacers, their point guard rotation is very solid with Cory Joseph and Daren Collison. If Oladipo can take the next step this team could surprise some people. They have a young star center in Turner. Add Bogdanovic and Sabonis to the mix it could work. I’m gonna tip the pacers but it will be close.
Knicks 3-6

Game 10: Hornets @ Knicks 102-86
The hornets have no offensive creativity apart from one of the most underrated of players in Kemba Walker. They can however play defense unlike the Knicks. If the Knicks manage to make this a close game it will have to be a Melo game where he goes off.
Knicks 3-7

Game 11: Knicks @ Magic 107-100
Kristaps Porzingis vs. Jonathan Isaac should be fun. Isaac has similarities to Kristaps. They’re definitely not the same player but he is also lengthy and a big forward, he should try to model KP’s game. Maybe at this point of the season Frank is starting.
Knicks 4-7

Game 12: Kings @ Knicks 104-109
This could be a great Fox vs Frank matchup in MSG. Fox could possibly be shut down by Frank with Frank’s length and defensive versatility and speed. Buddy Hield vs THJ is also a really cool matchup to see as both had great offensive seasons.
Knicks 5-7

Game 13: Cavs @ Knicks 124-98
This should be a blowout game, the Knicks should hope for a big game from Frank a he could dominate Isiah with his huge wingspan especially defensively, but theres no one who can stop LeBron. Not only on the Knicks, no one can stop LeBron on any team. Starting with this game the Knicks enter a tough stretch of games.
Knicks 5-8

Game 14: Jazz @ Knicks 99-83
Everyone is down on the Jazz but i think they had a great offseason if you don’t hold Haywards departure on them. They have a ton of defensive versatility with Thabo and Ingles and Rudy as their defensive stopper. They also have great depth but they will struggle to score. They should shut down the Knicks.
Knicks 5-9

Game 15: Knicks @ Raptors 98-116
The Knicks travel up to Toronto to take on a basically unchanged Raptors team. Serge Ibaka is not the player who he was in OKC but is still a good rim protector and defender. It will be interesting to see how Porzingis matches up against him. The Raptors should be favorites to win.
Knicks 5-10

Game 16: Clippers @ Knicks 105-97
This is such a tough game to predict due to injuries, if Gallo and Blake don’t play the Knicks should win. I’m gonna assume they do play but the game ends up a lot closer then most people think.
Knicks 5-11

Game 17: Raptors @ Knicks 108-104
The Raptors come down to play the Knicks in a game that i believe will be a lot closer. The real matchup I dont like is Demarr vs THJ. Demarr is such an elite scorer while THJ just cant defend anyone. I have to take the raps in this one
Knicks 5-12

Game 18: Knicks @ Hawks 113-101
The Knicks travel down to Atlanta to take on a truly awful Hawks team. Paul Milsap was absolutely phenomenal for them. They also lost THJ to the Knicks and this is a return game for him. The hawks lost 2 starters including an all star and will most likely be a horrible team.
Knicks 6-12

Game 19: Knicks @ Houston 106-118
Imagine the atmosphere if Melo is still a knick and imagine if he goes off against the Houston crowd and drops 30. Thats what I’m betting on. The crowd in the Toyota center will go absolutely crazy for Melo.
Knicks 6-13

Game 20: Blazers @ Knicks 103-109
The Blazers took a step back this offseason losing Allen Crabbe.
We know the team Portland is and has been for a while now. Damian Lillard in my opinion is the leagues most underrated player. The man put up 27 and didn’t get an ASG appearance last season. McCollum is a better version of THJ, a player who can score from all over but cant play defense. This could be a Porzingis game where he can torch Portland.
Knicks 7-13

Game 21: Heat @ Knicks 109-111
I really do like what the heat did in the offseason, signing Kelly Ollynk and retaining almost all of their pieces. I do however feel like they are very beatable which is why I’m taking the Knicks.
Knicks 8-13

In this universe entering December the Knicks are 8-13, which is good enough for around 8-10 while Melo remains on the team. A Knick playoff berth is unlikely but not impossible.
Stay tuned for part 2!


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