Knicks Beat Bullets (okay, Wizards) in OT 124-121 (go back to harry pottersville)

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Mets started their season off 11-1 before becoming a goddamn laughing stock. The Jets had a huge opening night before crashing back to earth. I hope the Knicks didn’t peak tonight (peaking in preseason would be especially cruel).

It’s nice that the Knicks could actually win in OT which has not exactly been their specialty in recent memory and it was especially fun to see them do it with the 3rd string guys. Who knows how much the Wizards cared about winning but whatever, this was a fun way to kick things off. Here are my observations:

  • Fizdale had Patrick Ewing speak to the team prior to the game about what it means to be a Knick. I love this move. (note to team: this is also a good way to honor your all time great player vs pretending he didn’t exist for the last decade, “No coaching search here Patrick, please don’t call back”).
  • Perry/Mills apparently watched the Knicks effort last season in a game against the Lakers and said this team NEEDS to get a whole lot more athletic. They seem to have accomplished that having scored more points on the fast break in the first half than they did all of last season.
  • If I can get a nickel for every foul the Knicks commit this season I may just be able to buy the team from Dolan.
  • Mitchell Robinson – Hey NBA, start altering your shot right now because Thin Shaq means business. Plus, he is going to throw shit down any time a ball is lobbed in his vicinity. And, wait until he actually learns where to be on court. #StealOfTheDraft
  • Markieff Morris – He for some reason decided to start beef with Robinson (which would have been a really good fight). Robinson turned his back and Morris would not shut up so the ref tossed him which is the right thing to do when a guy is being an a-hole in the first preseason game.
  • Kevin Knox – Hey KP, I think we found another all star for you to play with. Knox started off missing some shots, fought for a rebound but then announced his presence with a coast to coast drive. Man, it is going to be hard to live down booing this draft pick.
  • Frank Ntilikina – Frenchy is going to start being more aggressive starting…
  • Lance Thomas – He is going to play more and shoot more than you will be comfortable with. Take a deep breath as it will be alright.
  • Timmy Hardaway – When Knox becomes an all star and KP is back on the court we will all be fine with Timmy being our 3rd best player. It’s just weird right now that he is currently our best.
  • Enes Kanter – Man, the turnstile is still so darn good on offense
  • Emmanuel Mudiay – Fewest turnovers in camp will be the high point of his Knicks tenure.
  • Trey Burke – It’s his starting PG job to lose.
  • Noah Vonleh – He has all the talent and the dude is huge. He should be really good yet this is his 5th team in 4 seasons. He is clearly here as a scared straight warning to Knox and Robinson about what will happen if they don’t put the work in.
  • Hezonja – I can’t tell yet if I really need to master the pronunciation of his name. Looked good at times and even had some nice passes so we’ll see.
  • Allonzo Trier – Can we already give him the G-League MVP? Not knocking him but he will spend a lot of time in Westchester because he is on a 2-way and will look really good.
  • Also, for some reason Clyde was upset that Allonzo Trier skipped his senior college season and said it will result in Trier being out of the league in 3 years. This is an especially weird comment since I think only Lance Thomas out of the whole Knicks roster has spent more time in college than Trier did (I will not look this up so correct me if I am wrong)/
  • Baker played more minutes than anyone expected along with a bunch of other guys who won’t play actual NBA minutes.
  • Finally, it is nice to know that if MSG ever loses power mid-game that Kevin Knox’s sneakers will be able to light up the arena.

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