2019/20 New York Knicks Player Power Rankings – Week 2

I got busy at work, this was supposed to go up yesterday, so these rankings do not reflect the Magic game, so all you Frank fans can put away your pitchforks.
Rank Player Comments Last weeks Rank
1 Barrett, RJ Barrett is already the Knicks best player. I’m so happy that a Knicks draft pick worked out, but that also speaks volumes about the rest of the roster. Would really like it if Fiz stopped trying to make RJ a PG. 4
2 Randle, Julius At some point Randle is going to stop turning the ball over a million times a game. His willingness to pass the ball has been nice, he’s leading the team at 5APG. 2
3 Morris, Marcus Can we get Preseason Morris back? He’s been OK, but nowhere near as good as he looked a few weeks ago. 1
4 Robinson, Mitchell So far Mitch has not been able to keep his foul woes in check. He looks great when he’s out there, but his minutes have been limited because of his fouls. 3
5 Knox, Kevin Knox has looked much improved this season and is a legit scoring threat off the bench now. 11
6 Portis, Bobby After 3 pretty terrible games Portis destroyed the Bulls. The Knicks need to make him feel slighted by the opposing team every game. 8
7 Payton, Elfrid Payton has been the Knicks best PG by far. Not that there has been much competition, Frank has barely played and Smith looks absolutely terrible. 7
8 Gibson, Taj It looks like Gibson is playing the mentor role and is not going to get many minutes unless someone gets injured. Who would have thought signing 4 guys who play the same position would have resulted in a situation like this? 5
9 Ellington, Wayne Sometimes you watch a game and say weird that they didn’t play this guy, then you look at the box score and realize he played 20 minutes. Ellington is one of those guys. 6
10 Ntilikina, Frank Frank finally played real minutes against the Bulls. He went 0-6 and had 3 turnovers, but played some solid defense. His PG duties seem to be to dribble over halfcourt, pass it off to a forward and hide in the corner. 12
11 Trier, Allonzo Trier went from starting to DNP-CD pretty quickly. 13
12 Dotson, Damyean I’m surpised Dotson still isn’t playing even after Trier fell out of the rotation. 9
13 Smith Jr., Dennis Holy crap Smith Jr. has been bad so far. He’s had some personal issues going on so lets hope he gets everything sorted out and comes back looking very different. 10
14 Allen, Kadeem Still waiting on Allen’s first appearance. 14
15 Brazdeikis, Ignas Same for Iggy. 15
16 Bullock, Reggie Still injured. 16

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