2019/20 New York Knicks Player Power Rankings – Week 3

Three games, three different starting lineups, three losses. The Knicks are now 1-6. Lets see who is playing well and who isn’t.
Rank Player Comments Last weeks Rank
1 Barrett, RJ Barrett is the only player on this roster that hasn’t been a disappointment so far. I guess Fizdale feels the same way, he’s played JR 39 and 41 minutes the last two games. 1
2 Morris, Marcus Slow start to the season but had very good games against the Celtics and Kings. Maybe this’ll be the start of a nice run for him. 3
3 Robinson, Mitchell Robinson only had one foul against the Magic, but for some reason only played 19 minutes. Fizdale is making some weird decisions. 4
4 Portis, Bobby Portis looked decent the two games he came off the bench. When he started against the Kings he looked terrible. 6
5 Knox, Kevin Every time I get excited about Knox he has a game like he did against the Kings. At least he’s showing some signs of improvement. 5
6 Randle, Julius Randle has been a big disappointment so far. He’s been getting a lot of assist, but has a ton of turnovers and surprisingly has had two straight games in which he scored 8 points. I think he’ll be much better when Payton comes back as playing point forward is clearly not working. 2
7 Ntilikina, Frank Knicks nation seems pretty split on Frank. Here’s my take. He’s not a PG. He dribbles the ball over halfcourt, hands it off, and hides in a corner. The Knicks have no true PG currently playing and it’s making the entire team worse. 10
8 Gibson, Taj Taj played 9 minutes this week and didn’t look terrible. That’s good enough for 8 this week which is sad. 8
9 Ellington, Wayne Ellington is averaging a career low 3pt%. Have to think lack of a PG has something to do with that. 9
10 Dotson, Damyean With the state of the Knicks backcourt right now why is Dotson not playing? 12
11 Brazdeikis, Ignas We had an Iggy sighting. Congrats on getting your first NBA points Iggy! 15
12 Payton, Elfrid Payton needs to come back soon. A month ago I never would have predicted needing to type this. 7
13 Trier, Allonzo No Trier all week. 11
14 Smith Jr., Dennis I’d like to see Smith come back and get some serious minutes for a little while just so we can come to a concensus about his ability to make it in the NBA. 13
15 Allen, Kadeem Still waiting on Allen’s first appearance. 14
16 Bullock, Reggie Still injured. 16

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