Episode 220: More Secret Surgeries

Marc and Jay talk about the Rockets and Hawks games, Shumpert trade rumors, secret surgeries, Chris Smith joins us, much more

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3 Responses to Episode 220: More Secret Surgeries

  1. GTK CPA says:

    Guys – I have a question. I would like to be a Knicks fan but have never lived in NY. I have visited NY and the people I met there were very nice. I have watched basketball since the time Ewing was on the Knicks. Since I would be considered a first time Knicks fan I have the following questions. 1] I have never bought an official NBA jersey before. Which Knick jersey do you recommend I buy for my very first jersey. 2] I am not aware of any hazing rituals for first time Knick fans. Are there any that I should be aware of? I have watched every Knick game this season so I can take mental pain, no problem. Thanking you in advance, GK in L.A.

  2. HI GK, welcome to life as a Knicks fan! When choosing a jersey it’s a combination of who you like plus the chances of them getting moved. For example I got my girlfriend a Gallo jersey and two months later he got traded, so I’d def stay away from getting a Shumpert jersey. Chandler, Smith and Melo are probably safe bets. As for #2 there are no hazing rituals because your entire time as a Knicks fan is punishment enough. Just be prepared to be mocked by Laker fans all the time.

    • GK in L.A. says:

      Guys, Thanks for the quick response. I think I will go with Chandler since he always seems to be well spoken in interviews, seems very humble and nobody dares to say anything bad about him. As for #2, I think I am safe from being mocked by Laker fans this year as the Lakers probably won’t be very good while Koby and Nash are out. Go Knicks! GK in L.A.

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