2013/14 Knicks Roster Power Rankings – Week 4

This weeks ranking were very hard to put together because I didn’t want an 11 way tie for last place.  Some players are too high, but sitting on the bench doing nothing at least doesn’t kill the team as much as the play of other players has.
Rank Player              Comments Last weeks Rank
1 Anthony, Carmelo Have to bump Melo up to #1 after his 45 point game.  He’s still been very inconsistent shooting, but with the entire rest of the team other than Bargnani playing like crap Melo has to be in the top spot this week. 2
2 Bargnani, Andrea I can’t believe Bargs is up this high after we tore him apart for the first 4 games.  He’s been great on offense for 5 straight games and has even rebounded well in 3 of them.  This is as good as it gets with Bargs and I’m more than happy with this level of play. 3
3 Shumpert, Iman It looks like the trade rumors have been getting to him a little bit, that and being the latest Knicks to get a secret knee surgery over the summer.  Seriously are there any Knicks who DIDN’T get a secret knee surgery this summer, and do they all do to the same doctor and bump into each other in the waiting room?  Anyway, he’s been consistently decent and one of a very few Knicks that don’t make me yell and throw things constantly. 8
4 Prigioni, Pablo Why Pablo doesn’t get more playing time is beyond me, he might be the Knicks best point guard at this point. 4
5 Hardaway Jr., Tim THJ hasn’t done anything great when he’s been on the court but he hasn’t done anything terrible either.  Sadly, that’s enough to earn a top 5 spot on this team. 5
6 Martin, Kenyon He rebounds, hits a few shots and almost murders an opposing player ever game.  Too bad he’s on such a strict minutes limit as he’s the best replacement for Chandler at the moment. 11
7 Aldrich, Cole Why is Aldrich this high again when he hasn’t done anything?  I couldn’t put him lower than the multitude of players that have been a complete detriment to this team. 6
8 World Peace, Metta A terrible game followed by sitting out due to an (injury).  His brother posted on twitter there were other reasons but that post was deleted soon after. 1
9 Udrih, Beno Would Beno be any worse than what Felton is doing? 9
10 Murry, Toure’ Why not see if Murry can do anything? 10
11 Chandler, Tyson Only on this team can a guy with a broken leg move up a spot. 12
12 Felton, Raymond He’s shooting terribly but at least he’s turning the ball over a lot and letting opposing point guards run amok. 7
13 Smith, Chris He might be the worst player in the NBA….ever but sitting on the bench and collecting paychecks (this role will be reprised in the D-league starting this week) has done less damage than the last two players. 15
14 Stoudemire, Amar’e Amare is upset that his playing time is cut so much because it makes him look like he’s washed up.  There’s also the fact that he’s completely washed up.  His plus/minus is going to be record-breaking if this keeps up.  I understand needing to get in the groove, but even “in the groove” at this point does not involve being able to guard anyone or even get a rebound. 13
15 Smith, J.R. After JR’s last poor shooting performance (which makes every game this season) he is now the proud owner of the 2nd worst shooting percentage in the league to Anthony Bennett.  But hey at least he made up for it by threatening Brandon Jennings on twitter and getting fined $25,000. 14

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