Knicks @ Hawks 4/22/12 – Game Thread

The Knicks clinched a playoff spot this weekend and with the loss to the Cavs we’re stuck in either 7th or 8th.  Do we try to get the 8th seed so we can play the Bulls?  Is that even a good idea considering they can rebound and we can’t?


9 thoughts on “Knicks @ Hawks 4/22/12 – Game Thread

  1. So Woodson is definitely trying to get Chandler the defensive player of the year award. The only way to do so is to show everyone how badly the Knicks play defense without him.


  2. Well that was a fun game to watch even if no defense was played. Amare gets beat on the drive but by the time Williams is going into his dunk, the clock had already expired. A foul can’t be called once the game is over.


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