HOLY CRAP KNICKS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know it was only the first of 82 games but I am freakin ecstatic that Knicks won tonight. No disrespect to the Nets – there will be plenty of time to disrespect the Nets later in the year – but beating Miami was so much cooler than beating the Nets would have been to start the season. The Knicks were not flawless tonight but they played aggressive, were tough on D and hit about a thousand three pointers. Everyone predicted tonight would be a blowout but no one thought it would be one for the Knicks and I guess that is why you play the game.  Here are my thoughts on tonight:

  • This is why it is nice to have actual point guards. The triple headed monster of Felton-Kidd-Prigi looked real good tonight.
  • Dwayne Wade said tonight’s game should not have been played and apparently in honor of that statement Miami took the night off.
  • Carmelo was awesome then not awesome and then awesome again. I feel like Carmelo is going to drive me crazy all season but I loved the fact that he had energy and actually tried on defense.
  • JR Smith was not awesome. At some points it seemed like he was having a contest with Carmelo to see who could take a more ill-advised shot.
  • I don’t know about you but I sure missed Amare’s lack of defense and lane clogging on offense. 
  • Hey Novak, I love you!!! Every time Novak is open behind the arc the Knicks better pass to him.
  • Hey Ronnie Brewer, I get it you’re rusty on offense/you don’t know how to play offense. I definitely appreciate the effort though on defense.
  • Chandler was 5-5 which frustrates me because the Knicks need to get him more shots especially with Amare out. Hey three headed monster at PG, you might want to try the pick and roll more with this guy.
  • I didn’t know the crowd could suggest and actually get player substitutions. Is this always the rule at MSG or does it only work when they call out Rasheed?
  • I kept calling for THE COPE especially when the Knicks started looking stagnant on offense. Then Copeland went in with two minutes to go and looked completely lost. DOH!!!!! I do predict that Copeland will be a worthwhile asset at some point this year.
  • Imagine how good this team would look with Camby and Shumpert out there.
  • On a side note: Hey Boston, sorry to hear your 0-2. Hey Oklahoma, good call trading the league MVP to Houston before the season started. Hey Charlotte, did you really start the season 1-0???

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