Episode 153: Interview with Jay Ferraro

Jay Ferraro from The Nonsense Podcast and The Tebow Sports Show joins us today as we talk about the 5-0 Knicks.  We also talk about the Lakers and Mike D’Antoni as coach, our new segment Cutting Down the Nets, players we expect to improve this season, fantasy basketball and much more.  Download Episode 153

2 thoughts on “Episode 153: Interview with Jay Ferraro

  1. This has to be one of the most awkward special guest interview I listen to from you guys lol. I don;t believe Mr. Ferraro understood your guys humor so every sarcastic joke Marc was making it seem he took it serious. It was funny awkward like Steve Carrel character in the office in some ways, but at least it was entertaining. Oh and I started to crack up laughing at the dial tones being push as he was speaking because it reminded me as a teen when I would call my friends on the phone and then my mom would pick up a phone from another room and start dialing out. .


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