It has been said that we are a little too pessimistic about the Knicks and that we complain a little too much. Well here are the top 10 complaints about the Knicks 5-0 start so far:

  1. Their record in the NBA may be 5-0 but against the point spread they are only 3-2.
  2. Anyone can win their games by double digits. How about winning by triple digits?
  3. Kurt Thomas, Marcus Camby or Rasheed Wallace are all playing like they are old. I expected more triple doubles from these guys.
  4. If Melo is playing so well then why doesn’t Woodson have him play all 48 minutes every night?
  5. They are playing well now but how well will they do when every player on the team suffers a debilitating injury.
  6. The Knicks are lucky to get to play opponents early in the season when they are not already in mid-season form.
  7. Most of their opponents are not taking these games seriously because they all assume that the season doesn’t actually start until Christmas like it did last season.
  8. If Woodson is doing such a good job coaching wouldn’t the Lakers have hired him over D’Antoni?
  9. Can you imagine how much better their record would be if they had kept Jeremy Lin?
  10. It’s not fair that the Knicks are allowed to play games without Amare.

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