Knicks vs Suns – 12-2-12 – Game Thread

Knicks vs Suns early game.  Another game the Knicks should win.  Comment as the game goes on.

16 thoughts on “Knicks vs Suns – 12-2-12 – Game Thread

  1. So it took 16 games for ‘sheed to blow up….. I’m thinkin it might be time to look into signing K-Mart….. Though I am loving this @$$ whooping they are giving Pheonix right now lol


      • Yeah, we can only have 15 on roster. Kidd, Felton, Brewer, Melo, Tyson, Thomas, Camby, Wallace, Pringles, JR, Novak, Shumpert, Amare, Copeland & White. I wouldn’t want to lose any of these guys unless its a trade.


      • Just a thought but why not cut K.Thomas. He plays less than 10 min a game and KMart would be an upgrade over him. He would also provide better protection in case of injury as he could potentially play more minutes than Thomas as he is younger and in presumably better shape.


  2. For all of the calls that are techs and flagrant…when Tyson swings right through Shannon Brown’s face, its just a regular foul. I guess I’ll take it.


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