Knicks vs Spurs 11-10-13 – Game Recap

Written by William Lee
The Spurs was an offensive juggernaut during Sunday’s matinee game with the Knicks, leading by as many as 37 points. Danny Green opened up the game by knocking down a couple of quick threes. Within three minutes of the game’s tipoff the Spurs were up 10-0. The Spurs extended on this run, tripling the Knicks score, leading 21-7. The Spurs constantly double teamed Carmelo Anthony, content with the ball swinging to Andrea Bargnani, and letting him beat them.  Unfortunately for the Knicks, Bargnani could not deliver, going 2-6 in the first quarter. JR Smith made his return to the Knicks, after serving his five game suspensions for violating the terms of the NBA’s anti-drug policies, hearing a nice ovation, entering in the game with 7:08 left in the first quarter. JR Smith showed his rust, missing all four of his shots, and turning the ball over twice in the first quarter. Smith finished the game going 1-9 from the field, including four turnovers. The Spurs shot 72% in the first quarter, with Tony Parker leading the way, weaving through the defense, scoring 10 points and handing out 5 assist in the first quarter to jump out to a 35-17 first quarter lead.
            The start of the second quarter, the Knicks did not fare any better, JR Smith air balled a three, which then led to another Danny Green three on the other end. The boos rained on the Knicks again in Madison Square Garden, with the home team losing 42-19. With the constant double and triple teams on Carmelo Anthony in the half court sets, Anthony started to bring the ball up himself, to ignite the offense. Carmelo Anthony had 10 points in the second quarter, going a perfect 4-4 from the field, including a buzzer beater to end the first half. The Spurs led by as many points as 24 in the first half, this cut Spurs’ lead to sixteen points, with the score 61-45.
            The Spurs opened up the second half, going on a 12-2 run. Danny Green started the second half, the same way he started the first half, knocking down a couple of more threes, blowing up the lead for the Spurs back up to 26 points. Danny Green continued his onslaught putting up 13 points in the third quarter, adding another three at the 5:03 mark. This helped pushed up the lead to 28 points, with the Spurs leading 82-54. The Garden showed their frustration with the Knicks, when another round of boos rained down on the Knicks, when Amare Stoudemire missed both of his free threes with 2:47 left in the third quarter. Sarcastic cheers came when Metta World Peace knocked down an off balance buzzer beater three to end the third quarter. The Knicks were a dismal 3-18 from the field this period. The Knicks officially waved the white flag, when Carmelo Anthony was substituted out of the game with 10:40 left in the game.
            The Knicks continue to struggle mightily guarding dribble penetration, with the Spurs scoring 30 points in the point through three quarters. The only way the Knicks stopped the Spurs from scoring down low, was by hacking them, sending the Spurs the line 27 times through three quarters. And if that didn’t occur, the dribble penetration led to wide open threes, most of them Danny Green who is a 43% career three point shooter (might want to put up a hand on this man).The Spurs hit the 100 point mark with 9:19 still left in the fourth quarter, leading 100-65 over the Knicks. There was no drama the rest of the way with the final score being 120-89, the Spurs winning in a laugher.

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