2013/14 Knicks Roster Power Rankings – Week 5

Four games and four losses since last weeks rankings.  I will now try and rank the varying levels of awfulness that make up the Knicks roster.
Rank Player              Comments Last weeks Rank
1 Anthony, Carmelo Last night was the first night in a long time Melo has shot over .500, but he’s also fighting constant double teams due to the lack of help around him.  A few more assists would help but I can’t complain too much considering he’s currently 2nd in the NBA in scoring and a very impressive 11th in rebounding. 1
2 Martin, Kenyon Huzzah!  An actual Knick player that plays defense.  He can rebound too!  He’s been playing over 25 minutes a game.  Anyone else terrified at what this team would look like if K-Mart went down? 6
3 Bargnani, Andrea Bargnani went ice cold for a few games but who am I going to put above him?  He’s been grabbing 5 boards a game which is…not the worst I guess.  Would still like to see him get more touches in the 2nd half of games, especially when he’s productive in the 1st half.  Looking at you Melo and JR. 2
4 Udrih, Beno With Felton out Beno has bene our resident ‘PG who lets every opposing PG run past him on just about every play’ guy.  He’s up this high for his performance in the Indiana game because 1 great game is 1 more than the players ranked 5-15. 9
5 Stoudemire, Amar’e You know this team is in trouble when we’re putting Amare in the top 5.  Yes his defense is still the worst but he’s been scoring and rebounding at a very efficient rate which is all you can expect from him at this point.   14
6 Prigioni, Pablo WHY WHY WHY doesn’t Pablo play more?  He’s at least as good as the other PGs on this team if not better. He got pulled in the 4th quarter because Woodson said he wanted to go with a defensive lineup.  A lineup that consisted of Melo, Amare and Barnani….. 4
7 Shumpert, Iman So which one is it:  A) Shumpert is mentally out of it because of the trade rumors.  B)  He is just not as good as everyone thought he was.  C) Iman is secretly killing his trade value so he can stay a knick. 3
8 World Peace, Metta Metta got his knee drained for the 2nd time in a week last week.  He does at least one good thing and one insane thing every game.  He’s also complaining about his playing time.  This will get interesting. 8
9 Chandler, Tyson If the Knicks keep playing like this Tyson might be #1 before he comes back. 11
10 Aldrich, Cole Aldrich played 3 seconds this week.  Not minutes.  Seconds. 7
11 Murry, Toure’ Murry plays defense.  He played 1 minute this week.  Probably because the other guards on this team have been soooooo good.  *sarcasm* 10
12 Hardaway Jr., Tim Sometimes he looks promising and sometimes he looks like a D-leaguer.  2 of the 4 games this week were 4 minutes of garbage time and a DNP-CD.  Looks like there’s a new member of Woodsons dog house. 5
13 Felton, Raymond We find out that Felton was playing injured for the beginning of the season.  Felton sits and I didn’t notice much of a decline in our PG play.  That’s an insult to all the Knicks PGs. 12
14 Smith, Chris In just his 2nd D-league game Chris has moved into the starting lineup.  He hasn’t been shooting well but had a 14 rebound game.  Who’s ready for Chris Smithsanity? 13
15 Smith, J.R. Out of all NBA players who have taken at least 100 shots JR is dead last in FG%.  The Knicks seriously should not even suit him up for Saturday and Sunday games as JRs attempts to recreate Jordans hangover game have repeatedly failed. 15

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