2013/14 Knicks Roster Power Rankings – Week 14

The Knicks went 2-1 this week.  2-0 after injuried to Amare, Bargnani, K-Mart, and Metta forced Woodson to go with the 2 point guard lineup that pretty much everyone on the planet except Woodson realizes is the way to go with this team.  This week is the exact opposite of last week, it’s tough to rank because no one had a particularly bad week where last week was tough because no one had a good week.
Rank Player Comments Last weeks Rank
1 Anthony, Carmelo Lets see, all Carmelo did this week was have the highest scoring game of all time at MSG with 62 points on 66% shooting, 13 rebounds and zero turnovers while facing double and triple teams.  Anyone who complained about his zero assists should be banned from watching basketball.  He also surrounded that game with a 28 point 7 assits night and a 35 point 5 assist night.  Even if the rest of the season is miserable , we got to experience one of the best regular season games I can ever remember watching. 2
2 Chandler, Tyson Tyson is starting to look a lot more like the defensive beast we remember.  Now that Woodson realizes (for now at least) that Tyler and Aldrich can handle center duty for 10 minutes each, Tyson can go all out for 30 minutes a night instead of playing an exhausting 40+ minutes.  Everyone wins. 1
3 Prigioni, Pablo Priggy is going this high not because of his numbers but because the Knicks hardly ever lose when he starts and he also makes Felton look like not the worst starting PG in the league. 10
4 Felton, Raymond Felton looks like a good PG when there is another PG out there at the same time doing half the PG duties.  Maybe it’s just because of Pablo (it is) but Felton did have a very good week even if the problem of opposing guards running amok still hasn’t been solved. 13
5 Hardaway Jr., Tim Look who remembered how to shoot again!  THJ looked very good (on offense) this week, especially during the Lakers game. 9
6 Smith, J.R. The Philly game was a typical JR game (5-16), but JR put together 2 good games in a row, even recording his 3rd game of the season shooting above .500.  Yes it was against the Bobcats as he always seems to have really good games when it completely doesn’t matter, but he also had some really nice assists, especially that one to Tyler.  I’d love to see him focus more on passing as it seems he can do that pretty well. 6
7 Shumpert, Iman The 1 game he got it together on offense he had a +/- of -19, but his defense was solid against the Bobcats and Lakers.  If I’m going to give players decent marks based on 1 side of the floor (THJ), I can’t ignore the defensive side of the floor. 12
8 Jeremy Tyler Jeremy Tyler can play.  Glad to see Woodson realizes this.  Needs some work on the defensive end but I’ve liked what I’ve seen so far. 4
9 Aldrich, Cole Aldrich got to play this week and even had a 3 block game.  He looks a little lost on offense, if only we can morph Tyler and Aldrich together we’d have 1 hell of a bench player. 15
10 Bargnani, Andrea Bargnani had 20 points on 12 shots and then went insane and though he could dunk from the free throw line over 2 opposing players.  In a directly related note he’s now injured for the next 2 months.  The Knicks also won both games he sat out.  Should be interesting to see if the Knicks continue with streak sans Air Bargs. 14
11 Murry, Toure’ And just like that Murry is out of the rotation again.  He looks good when he does play and I think everyone would like to see him as the backup PG when Woodson goes with the 2 PG starting lineup. 8
12 Udrih, Beno Gotta wonder how much longer Beno is going to be on this team.  He’s out of the rotation again after playing 1 game after his trade request. 3
13 Martin, Kenyon Considering K-Mart keeps reinjuring the same ankle lets hope he takes his time and makes sure it’s 100% before he comes back.  He will be essential for the playoffs (assuming the Knicks make the playoffs). 7
14 Stoudemire, Amar’e Amare already played more games than last season and this isn’t a major injury so it looks like this won’t be another big setback for Amare. 5
15 World Peace, Metta Metta basically hasn’t done anything all season.  Hopefully he gets healthy soon.  Even though he’s way past his prime he’s still one of the teams best defenders and I’d like to see what he can do with some regular minutes. 11

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