2013/14 Knicks Roster Power Rankings – Week 21

Only two games this week.  The Knicks winning streak continues, but their streak of playing terrible teams comes to an end on Wednesday when the play the Pacers.  We’ll talk playoff possibilities next week, for now lets enjoy a 6 game winning streak and the acquisition of Phil Jackson.
Rank Player Comments Last weeks Rank
1 Anthony, Carmelo Melo played 39 minutes in a blowout game to a terrible team.  You’d think with 17 other PF’s on the team Woodson would be able to rest Melo once in a while.  Anyway, another typical week from Melo, lots of points and a good amount of rebounds.  2
2 Hardaway Jr., Tim I’ve been saying that THJ would have to go off on offense to compensate for his lack of defense and that’s just what he did.  Two straight 20+ point games on some crazy good shooting nights.  If this were NBA Jam he’d have a trail of fire following the ball every time he shoots. 10
3 Smith, J.R. Who is this Smith guy who takes a normal amount of shots and hits a decent amount of them?  Who is this guy who passes the ball more than the starting PG?  And will it continue when the weather gets warmer and the club scene picks up? 4
4 Aldrich, Cole With Chandler and Amare out Aldrich got the starting nod against Boston and responded with a double double and three blocks.  He was rewarded the next game with a handful of garbage time minutes because Woodson. 13
5 Stoudemire, Amar’e Amare played only one of the two games this week but continued his streak of being phenomenal on offense. 1
6 Shumpert, Iman A pretty quiet week from Shumpert, which is much better than his run of terrible weeks but not as good as the first week of 2014 where he looked like the future of the franchise. 5
7 Prigioni, Pablo Pablo continues to do Pablo things.  Which is a little of everything except shooting.  Why you no shoot Pablo? 7
8 Jeremy Tyler Tyler is averaging about 3 billion rebounds per 36 minutes. 8
9 Earl Clark Clark looked good against Boston and had a +/- of +22.  Not sure if I’d want to see him get 20 minutes on a regular basis but it was nice to see a bench player step up when called upon. 15
10 Felton, Raymond Felton was very meh this week.  Nothing good but nothing overly bad either.  I’ll take that over the complete mess he was a few weeks ago.  And no season or career highs from opposing guards in a few weeks! 6
11 Chandler, Tyson Tyson missed one game and in the next game had almost the same stat line as the one he missed.  2 points and 5 rebounds against the Bucks?!?!  Come on! 3
12 Murry, Toure’ Still looking into why Woodson hates Murry so much. 11
13 Shannon Brown Like Clark Brown was 2-5 against Boston and 1-1 against the Bucks.  Not much of a chance to do more than jack up a few shots when you only play 5 minutes a game. 14
14 Martin, Kenyon Going to have to stick Martin down here until he starts playing again.  This is getting ridiculous. 9
15 Bargnani, Andrea I was thinking about all the draft picks we gave up for Bargnani and as a result felt this was a perfect spot for him. 12

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