Episode 260: That’s Better

Marc and Jay talk about the Knicks roster, the triangle, the positive and negative feedback from last episode, the last roster spot, listener questions and much more

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6 thoughts on “Episode 260: That’s Better

  1. This show sucks , the last comment was right bitter is a understatement they say nothing positive about the knicks and one of the host give me the vibe of being a cocky jackass who prob likes to get dominated with a strap on. The only positive about this show is that they read the comments and reviews. Second podcast I listen to I might give it a 3 try but not looking so good .


  2. Surprise mothafucka! I have been listening to this podcast for 2 years now and it is my favorite they keep it real and they have a say it like it is attitude. Mark and Jay keep doing u I for one will always download.


  3. Ok this podcast is not the worst podcast like people think, it is not the most terrible one I have listen to much worse don’t believe go listen to brinkofsanity podcast now that is a bad podcast knicks podcast is decent and it’s just two bitter host getting Their frustrations out on their favorite team I like it and will keep listening


  4. I also have been downloading this podcast for two years ever since my dad recommended it this podcast is very good and way better than the sponsored restricted talk you hear on espn new York radio.
    Read all comments good or bad and responds to them

    Very consistent and can expect a podcast every week sometimes two

    Very honest no restricted or sponsored bias and funny as well no I don’t wanna hear Steven a Smith shout all day

    Cons none what more can u ask from guys who do this just for fun and are not even getting paid for it


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