Episode 259: Power Shift

Marc and Jay talk about Melo’s new contract, Lebron leaving the Heat, all the other free agency moves, the state of the eastern conference, laughing at the Nets, and much more

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4 thoughts on “Episode 259: Power Shift

  1. I tuned in for the first time and was not very impressed. I get it, the oldest trick in sports radio: one guy sounds reasonable, the other one is an OUTRAGEOUS asshole. How crazy! But the trolling was so subpar and transparent, it lost all its entertainment value. It needs to be either subtle enough so it could pass for an actual argument, or just flat out funny. And sadly, it was neither.

    Of course, I can understand that snark may be the only club left in the bag, when your own team just committed its future to a perennial loser on the wrong side of 30, and the team’s biggest draw is supposed to be a fat geriatric who was once a great coach. (See what I did there? Maybe I should start an NBA podcast!)


  2. I’m a first time listener and I have two questions.

    1. What the hell was this? Calling yourselves bitter is an understatement. The entire podcast reeked with resentment.

    2. Who was the guy that did the impressions? You came off as a giant douchebag, and that’s coming from someone who doesn’t care for Wade or Rose.

    I’m disappointed with myself for actually tuning in for as long as I did. Don’t quit your day jobs.


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