Episode 262: Summertime Blues

Marc and Jay talk about Jim Cleamons, ranking the Knicks roster, the odd man out for each position, the Kevin Love trade and more

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10 thoughts on “Episode 262: Summertime Blues

  1. Okay so just listened to podcast 262 and heard about the negativity towards brink of sanity podcast as a listener to both I most say they are two totally different podcast. Brink of sanity is dark and deals with more current events while knicks podcast is funny and mostly about knicks both are pretty good and run a little to long but each has its good and bad I just have a question for mark would u rather amare start the season on fire averaging 17 and 5 a game, for the first 20 games and then get injured or get dominated by a black strapon.


  2. hi knickspodcast I am curious not bicurious like mark lol no really why don’t u guys cuss and do knickspodcast uncensored ? I listen to some of brink of sanity episodes and u guys let it all out their so why not do the Same in knickspodcast , ain’t a podcast suppose to be uncensored anyway just curious that all.


  3. Wow for a knicks/NBA podcast in the end of August u guys can sure make something out of nothing give u that, considering I see the same articles just re written on espn and so on. The article “Melo was gonna leave but decided to stay cause this is home like are u fuc$&n serious that does not even make sense can believe That was a main article.Anyway stay up guys and leave mark and his sexual fetishes alone if he wants to get pummeled by a green strap on called the hulk that is his right as a citizen. He pays the same taxes as us people and about the shirts I would buy one only if it’s under 20$ don’t mind supporting u guys ( old logo )


  4. Listen to the podcast on my way to the train and I’m lol so hard people were looking and staring at me like I’m crazy anyway, I never knew I could comment on this website till a couple of podcasts ago u guys mention it. Sorry guys I know u guys like iTunes reviews but I have a android phone and don’t know where to review for u guys since i can’t in android podcast app if u guys know let me know and mark kinky fella aye mate. Wink wink


  5. 4 podcast in a row I downloaded awesome besides this podcast being negative towards the knicks and the two host sounding like rotten tomatoe critics I must say this amature podcast has grown on me like mark appetite for strawberries I Mean strap ons. Mark and Jay I am a big knicks fan and I listen to most podcast ,knicks at night , Alon hon , SNY knicksblog , I wonder do u guys listen to other podcast? Oh and JR SMITH will surprise everyone this season i am most excited for him , who are u guys most excited for pick one?


  6. I am a San Antonio SPURS FAN AND SORRY but I am frustrated their are no spurs podcast !! There are like 7 knicks podcast 7!! Why knicks are garage and they constantly basically spit in the face of fans. Ive been to new York and the prices for knicks games are outrages to see a loser team they are so bad they have turned one of your host to a masochist black strapon/bondage loving person why are u guys knicks fans !!! Sorry I just feel like people don’t appreciate spurs greatness


  7. knicks podcast WASSUP!!!!! OMG so happy to speak to u guys got so much to tell u guys big fan got so much to tell u guys um where to start I’ll comment next week


  8. Do you know or maybe post on the realgm.com knicks board. i think it’s the best place to talk knicks and even some crazy off topic stuff!


  9. I find the strapon parts very funny idk why it’s the main resone why I have downloading the last 3 podcast in a row especially a knicks podcast in the end of augest. This joke will die down and it will be sad cause then I won’t be gitty and eger to listen to the first 15 min of both podcast I don’t even know about brink yet i downloaded it just cause I know u guys would comment about getting rammed in the kister hole comments. Anyway just hope the next joke that floats around is as funny as this one This is why people say u guys both show starts on fire then runs way to long FREE BLACK STRAPONS!!!! Don’t read this on air please just honest opinion after listening to brink which I stopped after u got all serious with the conspiracy theorist. Mabey a show about all stap on is the way to go made me laught and forget about my everyday problems


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