Episode 263: Standing Here With Mike Woodson

Mike Woodson joins Marc and Jay as they talk about the summer, learn some new things, answer listener questions, read reviews, and a whole lot more

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11 thoughts on “Episode 263: Standing Here With Mike Woodson

  1. HAHAH u actually made me think it was the real mike Woodson not some random dude u guys found in Queens jamacia ave

    Still pretty funny anything is better than marks drose impressions strap in guys not liking this two weeks podcast release would prefer weekly this has jumped to my top podcast especially knowing u guys read the comments makes me feel special and like I’m part of the show


  2. After listening to the lasts 5 podcasts and hearing the word black starpon almost 500 times ( which is getting old by the way ) I’m stricken with a question, how did this rumor start? I don’t think someone just got up one day and said ” hey u know what I will start commenting on knicks podcast website on how mark enjoys getting his booty hole gapped the size of a tennis ball by a black strap on. Being serious now what provoked this rumor ??? guys no rumor starts out of no were. It is getting old , but it begs the question … what started this rumor, what did u guys say or insinuate that caused your listeners to assume mark enjoys …


  3. I am going trough serious basketball withdrawal, guys I have a serious question. I am a man in his late 30s and I am married, no kids. Me and my wife’s sexual life is pretty good expect I seem to have problems getting an erection when the knicks lose thus making it difficult for me to properly satify my wife. You guys being die hard knicks fans, do u experince the same? I am being serious here, is this a common problem for guys who are passionate for a team or am I just that guy who takes sports a little to serious.


    • U right its getting old, what’s next mark enjoys getting fisted rumor ,mark has a grinder account and meets random strangers in bathroom glory hole stalls rumor. it was funny at first , now it’s like played out on a side note my podcast top ranks
      Bill burr Monday morning podcast 1st
      Knickspodcast 2
      Robin lungberg ( espn new York )3
      Jamiee fox podcast 4

      Ryan rucco and Dave Rothenberg 5

      with the added humor Knickspodcast is climbing up my list of favorite podcasts
      was 4th now second good job guys


  4. Lmao knicks podcast ya some funny mofos Woodson is on point with his impression. Mark how do u do it ?? Me as a 6’3 237 pound man , I don’t think I can tolerate reading comment after comment about me liking rubber mandingos. YET u brush it off with supreme confidence, comment after comment of u loving rubber mandingos. Idk I’m Jamaica if I was to read some homo remark about me like that it would be fighting words.


  5. Join the dark side lol, I love knicks podcast, I don’t even know u guys yet I feel like we are bff JK . Make a live podcast. I missed the last one .. then again a lot of people missed the last one … then again everybody miss the last one
    and do u guys have a instagram I always wondered how mark and jay look like in person, I tryed to look u guys up on brinks website and only found a picture of mark who looks oddly a lot alike toby flenderson from the office
    And had a mug shot.


  6. Has to be one of your best shows guys. I mostly find your jokes very dull and mind numbing, but dudes woodson impression was hilarious. Well again guys this is a 5 star episode.


  7. Guys I have a real problem I am depressed right now I have Been going out with my gf for 4 months and she is 5’8 , Irish , blond hair , skinny and has a nice rack. I work, so I take her out every weekend and I usually buy her gifts. I love this girl so I treat her special. Anyway I am falling for her and paranoid me wanted to know if she is loyal and a Keeper so I mad a fake profile for fun of just a dude with abs and I texted her “baby I’m mystery man send me a pic of your boobs and vag” after 20 min of sweet talking her and she telling me the (fake profile) that she has a bf she FUCKEN SEND!! Vag pics !!! And rack and that’s cause I was so heart broken I stopped asking . This bitch just send naked pics to a FUCKEN dude with abs cause idk the pic I choose had abs or cause she is a whore I don’t believe I am just Prince Charming and I can convince woman to Send me nude pics. The next day she say hi babe like bitch u just send nude pics to a random stranger and u say hi to me like nothing whore. should I dump her or keep her as a booty call idk I’m so mad I fell In love with her. she is quiet and don’t seem like that type, she works as a librarian and has a good relationship with her dad yet she is a hoe a horny freak WHAT SHOULD I DOOOO MARK JAY HELPPPP


  8. Mark and jay what should I do..

    i was going to the gym and had a carmelo Anthony jersey on. I notice in the subway this cute girl starting at me, upon which I meet eye contact with and said hi. She smiled and said your carmelo jersey ” he is my favorite player” we keep talking and things were going good I was thinking in my head this girl is cool play your cards right ,get her number and hard core sex, strapons and blow jobs are to cum. Then out of no wear her train stop came and she got off and just like that opportunity lost!! This rarely happens to me, me getting a cute girl to randomly starte a convo with me. Here is my problem she told me where she works, a cloth retail store should I go to the store and look for her or is that to creepy. Should I go and wait all day for her shift to start and Mabey ask her Co workers or again will this just make me look like a creep

    Big fan of u guys love the feel like I’m talking to two guys at a bar comparison

    Not like jay talks to guys at bars for hia birthday as i heard in the brink show wink wink


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