Episode 267: Season Preview

Marc the star and Jay preview every team, try out a live show which doesn’t go as bad as expected, preseason, listener questions and much more

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13 thoughts on “Episode 267: Season Preview

  1. I’m so fucken mad mark I know u say preseason does not matter but wtf are we suppose to get magically better on the regular season when we face heavyweight teams like chicago and the cavs. We are loosing to kitty teams by a lot our defense fucken sucks and Fisher is already turning into a excuse machine.


  2. We lost again … I CAN SEE where this is going FIRE FISHER! !!!!! Let’s not forget it’s his first year coaching I have a bad feeling knicks will suck like Marc at a glory hole stall , this season.


  3. If it’s only preseason why am I FUCKEN SCREAMING AT THE SCREEN!!! WHY MARC U UNDERCOVER QUEER MAN sorry guys I’m so angry I love the knicks and am a long time fan I don’t want this to become a season where we don’t matter can I have one with a tear on my face basketball gods just one 10 years a fan and I can’t get 1 just one ECF


  4. This is gonna be bad I think we will be lucky if we even get 37 wins mark Jay I’m panicking how much more can I wait how much more do I keep getting my heart broken from this team I even remember u guys reading a comment about a guy not being able to pleasure his wife anymore cause of his passion for this team MARK
    And jay I feel down
    Someone told me long ago their a calm before a storm
    I know it’s been coming for some time when it’s ova so they say it will rain a sunny day I know

    I wanna know have u ever seen the rain coming down on a sunny day creedence sing it loud mark for our all our suffering and for what to come


  5. Holy moly canolie u guys are getting sponsored and ad content from call of duty Video games dame u guys getting money all kind of money Marc u prob are getting a new house when u getting thousands is video game ad content

    Marc u are a bunnyturtleclown and stop doing stupid all team boring analyses this is knicks podcast not NBA podcast Mabey u cause can add a little more personal stories Marc talk about all the girls u banged and some tips to get teens like me laid

    Jay I felt naught watching the spree cast I’m used to watching webcam porn stars and watching u I was kinda akward cause everytime I see a man in webcam he is always doing some strap on Marc thing


  6. I personally like jay more he is calm and always bring a cool down attitude to the show Marc is always acting like a donkey jackass ball licker always super cocky and. Me me me me he is such a narcissist Marc is the type of guy that instead of eating a bananna he is deep throats it in front of black guys to get attention Jay u rock keep doing your thing Marc go drown. Yourself in a sink


  7. Watching knicks preseason and we are already losing to the wizards I know this is pre season but tell me how the heck are we suppose to turn this around ???!!!!!!!


    • Ok so I commented how pissed of at knicks preseason and we ended up winning tonight cool I still have my concerns tho I’m liking Jason smith but we have a serious defense problem Guys I don’t watch foot ball or baseball I don’t root for no other team but knicks so I have been deprived of sports for a couple of months now Basketball is all I have !! So sorry if I comment and over react sometimes !!!! Especially considering how knicks played about a week ago … FUCK WITH US AND THEN WE TWEAKING HO


  8. Mark brings so much energy to the show and even tho sometimes his jokes are incredibly stupid and cringe worthy I can tell he at least trys to make the show funny and entertaining unlike jay. jay just brings this super negative nancy I don’t like anything attitude that holds marks postitive energy back. listing to Jay remindes me of the days I used to battle depression and suicide. Thank you guys for reading the comments makes me feel like u guys care about your listeners.
    PS I am not mark or anyway Associated with mark lol that guy


  9. Another lose ( raptors ) oh great I can’t wait till we face the cavs and bulls and so on hey 1 draft pick here we come !!!!! I don’t want the draft pic this is the Phil Jackson era BP before PHIL AP after Phil. I can’t last another seasone with us just playing like garbage like other comments said I want us to MATTER Remeber Lin sanitys guys OMG was that just a dream was the happiness I felt just a sinister illusion set by the basketball gods as punishment ?? What do u want mark??!!! WHAT MARC FUCKEN TELL ME ILL DO IT PHIL is here thing have to be Diffrent marc DO SOMETHING!!!!!!


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