Episode 266: Cole Aldrich is Mine

It’s our 5th annual live fantasy draft episode.  We cut the league down to 12 teams this year so the episode is only 2 hours long instead of the four hour draft from last year.  Jay makes a horrible error, can he recover?  We also talk about the preseason games vs the Celtic.

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12 thoughts on “Episode 266: Cole Aldrich is Mine

  1. Bill burr podcast
    OPIE AND Anthony well now just jimmy lol
    Luis Jimenez podcast
    Anthony cumia podcast
    Sabado giante podcast
    knicks at night podcast
    Playboys/penthouse presents midnight chats podcast

    Ps I am the director of a sales department so im in my office all day listing to podcast.


  2. 38-44 espn knicks season prediction

    BS I don’t know if I could stand another BS season like the last. do u guys think this is realistic and mark why where u only aloud to waste 200 on your fantasy league when u are the star of the show? Jay should of at least gave u half of his budget talk about inconsiderate


  3. Would u guys rather knicks make the payoffs and see what happens or knicks tank and get a high Draft pick ,not to mention all the free cap space next season
    PS mark it kind of turns me on your sexy feminine white boy ass like black mandingos ohh u touch my talala


  4. I’m excited for this knicks season and scared at the same time remember how good it was 2 years ago anyway I am a gay male and just wonder mark can u twerk? And why does your voice turn me on? Have u ever gave gay chat lines phone services ? U can make a a lot of money u have the ideal voice of a bottom


  5. Mark thank u OMG u are the best host of podcasts out .your talents are unmatched and your on the spot improve jokes are bar non. cause of u I believe this podcast will reach new heights u mark will lead this podcast to greatness u are even nice enough to let Jay tag along aww so cute god bless his heart

    Mark Thanks u for giving me greats laughs and making me feel like I have a friend


    • Mark is that star of the show hahaha I guess this is the new thing now. But both have own thing marc is funny,talented ,always being energy and comes up with funny stuff on the spot. Jay is … A nice person with a good heart. So yeah it’s not all marc people with jay doing all the nerdy tecnical stuff marc would not have a way to talk to us and share knickspodcast

      Ps I am not Marc and no way associated with marc


  6. Seasons is about to starte guys game time this is it Idk but I have a bad feeling I just want us to matter. again anyway marc please tell your wife about the strap on in your stinker hole comments and her reaction to it. I think it would be funny and akward


  7. Marc and Jay very disappointed that there is not a episode this morning. I always look forward on Mondays to listen to your podcast on my way to work, it makes my ride to my job more bearable anyway I know u guys are busy but u guys are collection millions in sponsorship money to suck it up no Marc I don’t Mean rubber mandingos and jay please keep your Homosexual college hidden cam bathroom voyager porn to your self don’t have to tweet it


  8. Mark and Jay where is the podcast for today wtf what are u a communist like the one thing u guys do to bring joy to other hard working people like me u guys can’t do? Who fault was this ? And I heard u guys used to do two podcast a week is this true or a myth


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