2014/15 Knicks Roster Power Rankings – Week 4

The Knicks almost went 2 weeks without a win. After a quick start where Denver hit 237 open 3’s they remembered they totally suck and ended up getting blown out. Things aren’t very good right now but I’ll try and find a few positives in this weeks rankings.
Rank Player Comments Last weeks Rank
1 Anthony, Carmelo Melo had an insane week and I’m now convinced that the Knicks would be completely incapable of winning any games should Melo go down. 4
2 Smith, J.R. JR played really well during an early Sunday game. This may never happen ever again so I’m rewarding him with the #2 spot this week. Kudos for not being hungover on a Sunday morning! 8
3 Dalembert, Samuel Dalembert was the 3rd best player on the Knicks this week. In related news the Knicks are 3-9. 5
4 Acy, Quincy Acy did a good job of not being terrible this week. I’d still rather see him come in off the bench but Fisher needs a few more years of data to figure out Melo is better at the 4. 10
5 Larkin, Shane I’d love to see our point guard get some assists. I mean he got some, but more than 2 would be nice. Did Calderon die? Where is this guy? 2
6 Wear, Travis Wear looked really good against Utah. Moar Wear plz. 12
7 Smith, Jason Jason Smith is a good guy to play if you have a need for lots of 20 foot jumpers being taken. If you want lots of 20 foot jumpers being made you might have to look elsewhere. 7
8 Stoudemire, Amar’e Amares rebounding rampage came to an end. He didn’t play bad in the 2 games he played in but he seems like an awkward fit at this point. 3
9 Shumpert, Iman Shumpert was on his way to another great week until he got injured. We’re now down to Dalembert as our only plus defender and he plays 20 minutes a game. Come back soon Shump! 1
10 Prigioni, Pablo Priggy hasn’t looked right all season. Is it a slump or is it because he’s almost 40? 11
11 Aldrich, Cole Cole is pretty much out of the rotation again. I guess the Knicks only have need for 1 slow white guy who bricks 20 foot jumpers. 9
12 Hardaway Jr., Tim THJ was terrible this week. Like really really bad. He was a -21 in 16 minutes against Utah and shot 4-18 over the 3 games this week. Not impressed. 6
13 Early, Cleanthony We had an Early sighting against Utah! Wouldn’t he be better off playing 25 minutes a night in the d-league to develop rather than 7 minutes a week on the Knicks? 13
14 Calderon, Jose OK Jose, enough is enough. Our PG rotation is a guy who can’t finish or pass and an almost 40 year old. Suck it up and get back on the court. Play 30-35 minutes a game and don’t get injured again the rest of the season. 14
15 Bargnani, Andrea Same comments as Jose’s except the exact opposite. 15



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