Episode 272: Better Than Philly

Marc and Jay talk about the last three games, talk to the basketball gods, interview derrick rose, Papa Johns deals for the Knicks, a debate about the triangle, listener questions and much more

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11 thoughts on “Episode 272: Better Than Philly

    • Reading the comments yeah I agree this team seems hopeless. Oh well I guess now jays depressing voice tone can now be used. We should just have jay open the podcast to the song “mad world ” by Gary Jules . Marc can we just make the podcast about how much u love black rubber Mandingos like the good old days cause knicks is depressing right now ( jay I was kidding just frustrated my basketball season is ova)

      Ps I just stocked my ex facebook and she just posted a pic of her and her new bf all happy while I’m here commenting on a podcast. Smh what was the moment I started doing it all wrong


  1. I’m in my room alone , drinking booze hearing The song hallelujah by Jeff Buckley watching old lin sanity clips Remembering the good old days…
    I have lost hope for this team


  2. I dont follow football or baseball. Basketball is all for me when I work 8 long hours I look forward to coming home ordering Chinese food and watching the knicks game. I can’t do that now I’m sadden by it Marc and jay. It’s time to play Clapton Marc and jay what has us knicks fans done to deserve this ? Mabey it’s karma for all the bad things Iv done to people, those people had it coming but does it still make it right ?


  3. Would you know my name
    If I saw you in heaven?
    Would it be the same
    If I saw you in heaven?

    I must be strong
    And carry on,
    ‘Cause I know I don’t belong
    Here in heaven

    I ask u mark and jay … Will it be ok. Will it ever be ok ? I’m converting to Mormonism


  4. First time commenting on the site um love the show and Marc and Jay are u guys communist? Lol I usally listen to the brink podcast , I know believe it or not, and not much of a Knicks fan although I do follow at times.


  5. Oh and I like Jay better than Marc just saying Marc is to hyper and is all ova the place. Jay is tone down and organized Marc seems to always want to hog the spotlight

    This is not Jay writing this


  6. Hey Marc what do u do with all the sexy young college females that what to intern for the show ?

    Jk guys hope you and Jay thanksgiving went well or at least better than this Knicks season is


  7. Knicks fans calm down !
    I read on this website called infowars that knicks lose ing Is all a conspiracy by the Jews lol no but by Phil to get in the top 5 lottery pick I mean PHIL semi assemble this team! He is a basketball creative genius !! U think he did not see this coming PHIL has a plan he he is here even when he is not it’s not ova HAIL HYDRA!!!!


  8. Knicks podcast

    Knicks defense suck
    Offense suck
    Draft pic
    End show. How u guy manage to still have 4 and a half hours shows lol. Help marc and jay I can’t believe I switch my cable to TWC for this marc and JASON thank for involving some humor in this depressing situation got to find something else to watch now at 7:30 prime time any suggestions?


  9. It’s true ESE Phil Jackson is all like the devinci code he has a plan ESE

    What else can I watch now that knicks suck fat chorizo like marc likes

    Only good show out is sons of anarchy and low riders customs and the playboy Channel


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