2014/15 Knicks Roster Power Rankings – Week 14

With the Kings game being postponed due to snow the Knicks have their first above .500 week since…week 2. Those worried about the winning streak effecting their tank job should realize the Knicks can’t beat anyone without Melo and he’ll most likely be shutting it down after the all star game which is in 2 1/2 weeks.
Rank Player Comments Last weeks Rank
1 Anthony, Carmelo If he wasn’t rebounding and getting a few assists he wouldn’t be this high because his shooting has been off. He’s been making up for it by getting to the line and grabbing boards. Not sure why he’s playing over 40 minutes a game, it seems kind of insane to me. 1
2 Thomas, Lance Every week it seems some random player on the Knicks shoots into the top 3. Lance earned it this week with a great game against the Magic and a strong showing in his first start as a Knicks against the Hornets. 8
3 Galloway, Langston Galloway has the confidence of a guy who has been in the league more than a month. I’m starting to think he has potential to be a solid backup PG next year. 3
4 Aldrich, Cole Coles rebound rate is insant. Might be because no one else on the team can do it, but I’m still impressed. 10
5 Hardaway Jr., Tim Oh. My. God. THJ shot over .500 last game! Huzzah! He even got some rebounds and assists. Yes it was against a bad team missing one of their best players but still! 9
6 Calderon, Jose Did you get injured again? You son of a bitch. 2
7 Amundson, Lou Lou is the kind of player you absolutely want coming off your bench. Starting…maybe not so much but at this point I’m done trying to figure out what Fisher is doing. 4
8 Prigioni, Pablo A middle of the road ranking for a middle of the road week. 12
9 Smith, Jason I’m not fooling for the box score trickery anymore. The eye test tells me that Smith is bad and I’m going with that. 5
10 Acy, Quincy Acy has potential as a bench player next season. Maybe when Fisher randomly decides to start playing him 30 minutes a game again we’ll see what he’s got. 13
11 Larkin, Shane Shane seems uncapable of generating any assists. Why do the Knicks always have PG’s who can’t get assists? 11
12 Stoudemire, Amar’e To everyone who keeps saying we should bring Amare back next season; what am I missing? 6
13 Wear, Travis Wear is out of the rotation again. Does Fisher put everyone’s name in a hat and whoever he picks gets to play that night? 7
14 Early, Cleanthony I can’t tell if Early is still injured or Fisher has already given up on trying to develop Early. 14
15 Bargnani, Andrea Still the worst. To get Bargs the Knicks traded more players than Bargnani has played in actual games this season. 15



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