2014/15 Knicks Roster Power Rankings – Week 18

Melo shut it down. He wasn’t resting for the all star game. It was a huge cooincidence that he took off the game before and got surgery two days after. Pablo Prigioni was traded and Alexey Shved joins the team. I don’t think we should be asking ‘will the Knicks win another game this season’. We should be asking ‘will the Knicks cover the spread in any game for the rest of the season’.
Rank Player Comments Last weeks Rank
1 Galloway, Langston Langston ended his one game good shooting streak against the Cavs but got some rebounds and assists to kinda sorta make up for it. Good enough for the #1 spot. 5
2 Calderon, Jose Seriously, no one on the team can string together two good games in a row. Jose looked good against Miami…on offense at least. Playing well on one end of the court for 1 game in a row is good enough for the #2 spot. 2
3 Bargnani, Andrea Yup, the 3 best players this week were a d-leaguer, a guy who is 33 but plays like he’s 38, and Bargnani. That dunk alone would have gotten Bargs into the top 3. 13
4 Wear, Travis As predicted, Wear benefits from Melo shutting it down and made the most of it. A pretty solid week from Wear. 14
5 Acy, Quincy Is that what I think it is? Yes! A Quincy Acy sighting. There were a whole bunch of random, not very good players that were unchained from the bench after the departure of Amare and Melo. 12
6 Amundson, Lou Lou did almost nothing this week, which I guess is better than doing bad things. 4
7 Smith, Jason Jason, you were playing so good just a week ago and everyone was starting to not hate you. What happened? 1
8 Aldrich, Cole I get Bargnani is playing bette than Cole and is getting his minutes, but there is no chance of Bargs being on the team next year so what’s the point? 6
9 Hardaway Jr., Tim Everyone who said mean things to me for saying THJ was not a good asset can send your apology emails to nyknickspodcast@gmail.com 10
10 Thomas, Lance Followed up a brutal game against Miami with a not as sucky game against Cleveland. It was still suck, just not as sucky. 8
11 Early, Cleanthony Early got his second start of the season this week and oh my god was it ugly. His follow up wasn’t any better. Gross. 11
12 Larkin, Shane Larkin didn’t play because he was sick. Did anyone notice? 7
13 Shved, Alexey Can’t really grade Shved yet, he’s played 3 minutes as a Knick. I’ll leave him here until he either plays better or I’m not as mad at Melo. N/A
14 Anthony, Carmelo We got rid of Amare and now it looks like we have new Amare. Look, I get he wanted to play in the all star game but either stop lying to everyone about your intentions or stop talking to the media. 9



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