2014/15 Knicks Roster Power Rankings – Week 21

I got to the power rankings a day late this week so this will be for 5 games, with two wins including an overtime win against the Spurs.  While watching the Knicks win last night was fun, it makes the back to back against the 76ers and the Twolves two very important games in the tank race.
Rank Player Comments Last weeks Rank
1 Shved, Alexey Shved has been getting to the line more than any other Knick, he’s been rebounding, passing, he even hit a bunch of 3’s.  This has been the easiest pick for #1 in months. 2
2 Galloway, Langston A PG who plays defense?!?! Yes please.  He may be coming out of his shooting slump as well, which is nice. 5
3 Bargnani, Andrea Is there a rule that only 1-2 players at a time can shoot well for the Knicks?  As soon as Galloway hits some shots, Bargs starts missing. 1
4 Amundson, Lou Lou might have been lower on the list had I done the rankings before last nights game, but I can’t argue with 17 rebounds. 4
5 Aldrich, Cole He doesn’t do much else but man can Cole rebound. 6
6 Larkin, Shane The last entry before it starts getting really hard to rank these guys.  He’s been decent.  Not great but does just enough to look not terrible. 3
7 Smith, Jason Since Smith got demoted to the bench he’s put up almost no stats whatsoever even though he’s playing similar minutes. 7
8 Thomas, Lance The least impressive of our starters, which isn’t good considering our starting lineup is almost 100% outcasts. 12
9 Early, Cleanthony As soon as he was showing some promise he’s out again. 8
10 Wear, Travis Travis is the winner of the most inconsistent minutes award. 10
11 Hardaway Jr., Tim Last night we learned that it’s easier to win games when we don’t have someone shooting 25% while letting up 20 points a game. 13
12 Calderon, Jose I’m glad Jose’s injury has let young guys get a chance to develop, but I’m scared this is how it’s going to be from now on.  The Knicks know they can get a medical evaluation on a player BEFORE they acquire him, right? 9
13 Acy, Quincy I’m guessing the play from Acy earlier in the season was a fluke because he doesn’t even look like an NBA player anymore. 11
14 Anthony, Carmelo Keep getting’ dem checks. 14



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