Draft Preview # 1: Where are the Knicks?

Written by Ian Ellis (iellis2018@yahoo.com)

Hello all this is the first part of a multiple part series of highlighting all things NBA draft, and especially the Knicks Draft. Today, I’m just going to outline the basics of the draft and what does this mean for the Knicks.

When’s the draft? June 25th

Where’s the draft? Barclays Center

When’s it on? 8:30 ESPN

Where do the Knicks pick and what’s the draft order?

#1 Minnesota Timberwolves
#2 Los Angeles Lakers
#3 Philadelphia 76ers
#4 New York Knicks
#5 Orlando Magic
#6 Sacramento Kings
#7 Denver Nuggets
#8 Detroit Pistons
#9 Charlotte Hornets
#10 Miami Heat
#11 Indiana Pacers
#12 Utah Jazz
#13 Phoenix Suns
#14 Oklahoma City Thunder
#15 Atlanta Hawks
#16 Boston Celtics
#17 Milwaukee Bucks
#18 Houston Rockets
#19 Washington Wizards
#20 Toronto Raptors
#21 Dallas Mavericks
#22 Chicago Bulls
#23 Portland Trail Blazers
#24 Cleveland Cavaliers
#25 Memphis Grizzlies
#26 San Antonio Spurs
#27 Los Angeles Lakers
#28 Boston Celtics
#29 Brooklyn Nets
#30 Golden State Warriors

Alright, cool, but what does this mean?

Well first of all and most obviously, this means that the Knicks will not be picking in the top three meaning they will probably miss out on Karl Anthony Towns, Jahlil Okafor and D’angelo Russell, the three premier prospects in the draft. So this puts the Knicks in a very interesting situation, because there really isn’t any clear player that the Knicks should pick here. Phil Jackson said that he wanted someone who could drive to the basket and he also loves taller triangle guards, meaning that he may want Emmanuel Mudiay. Phil also said he wanted a defender and attended multiple Kentucky practices, meaning that he may want Willie Trill Cauley Stein. The Knicks reportedly love Justise Winslow, and he also went to a Yankees game with Melo. Hell, the Knicks even like Trey Lyles. So, the Knicks are in a very weird situation.
Alright, that’s all for today folks. I know, not very long but this was just the outline.
Next Time: Prospect Evaluation


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