2015/16 Knicks Roster Power Rankings – Week 1

Happy first day of the season day.  As usual there are a lot of new faces this season (8), and this opening day roster only has 3 guys from last seasons opening day roster (probably a good thing).  Since the Knicks haven’t played yet this is most likely going to be the most positive rankings you’ll see this season.  This weeks rankings is based on the preseason, expectations for the regular season, and gut instinct.  Lets get to it!
Rank Player Comments Last weeks Rank
1 Anthony, Carmelo He’s the best player on the team and it’s not even close. Melo looks fully healthy and ready to post 20-25 points per game. His defense and shooting percentage are things to keep an eye on.
2 Lopez, Robin A center!  A real center that does centery things! We started last season with Dalembert who just got cut by Dallas for being fat.  I’d say this is a huge upgrade.
3 O’Quinn, Kyle Last year Acy had the #3 spot at one point.  A high energy guy that can rebound. Kyle, please be better than Acy!
4 Grant, Jerian Our backup point guard until Calderon gets injured or just turns into dust.  Lots of potential for this guy. I’m getting hyped.
5 Galloway, Langston Galloway is already a nice defender and rebounder. If he can work on his shot he’ll be a keeper.
6 Williams, Derrick Derrick looked great all pre-season.  If he can do that in the regular season he’s a steal and Phil is a genius. We’ll get our first look at the man with the worst hair in the league tomorrow.
7 Porzingis, Kristaps PORZINGIS!!! Get hyped!  Please be good, please be good, please be good.
8 Calderon, Jose I’m looking at Calderon as a win/win situation right now. If he is washed up and/or injured then we get to develop our young guys, and if he has a comeback season then we have depth at the PG position for the first time since ever.
9 Early, Cleanthony Another player that had a strong pre-season. I have serious doubts we’ll see anything close to that kind of production in the regular season. That being said, Early looks like he’s improved greatly since last season.
10 Seraphin, Kevin He’s got some post moves, which is nice. Curious to see if he is in the rotation at all, and if he is how he fits.
11 Vujacic, Sasha Hey cool, a guy who hasn’t been in the league in 4 years. With the hea
lth issues if Afflalo and Calderon I wouldn’t be surprised to see Sasha starting a few games this season. Note: that’s not a good thing.
12 Amundson, Lou Everyone loves Lou. He’s going to be an excellent cheerleader this season unless the Knicks have a rash of injuries.
13 Afflalo, Arron Afflalo missed most of pre-season and got injured in the 2nd of the 2 games he did play. I’m seriously worried he’s about to take on the roll of vet that is injured all season. The Knicks always seem to have at least one of those guys. SG is our weakest position to begin with so this pretty much sucks.
14 Thomas, Lance Thomas has nakes pictures of Phil Jackson. That’s the only explanation for him getting on this roster.



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