2015/16 Knicks Roster Power Rankings – Week 2

Considering the tough opening schedule, I’d say 2-2 is a nice start.  The flaws in the roster are already becoming apparent.  We mentioned the backcourt was a problem and oh boy is it.  Jerian Grant leads the team in assists with 3.8.  In case you are new to stats, that is not good.
Rank Player Comments Last weeks Rank
1 Anthony, Carmelo 1 good game and 3 shooting performances that would make Kobe cringe.  If he wasn’t getting to the line and if he weren’t 2nd on the team in assists I’d already have lowered him in the rankings. 1
2 Galloway, Langston I mentioned last week that Galloway was a keeper if he could find his shot.  Well look who just went 9-12 from the 3 last week! 5
3 Grant, Jerian He plays defense, hits some shots and has the two highest assist games of the season for the Knicks at 7 and 5.  Kind of the opposite of our starting PG. 4
4 O’Quinn, Kyle Tied for 8th on the team in minutes played but 2nd in rebounds.  He’s a high energy guy like Acy was last year, only good. 3
5 Lopez, Robin Solid defense, decent on offense, would like to see more rebounds though. 2
6 Porzingis, Kristaps Porzingis shooting has been off, but he leads the team in rebounds and steals and had a nasty dunk against the Spurs that brought tears to my eyes.  Lets hope his neck injury doesn’t keep him out too long. 7
7 Williams, Derrick Derrick has been good but he takes some silly shots. That apparently really pisses Fisher off, who seems to have already put Stupid Hair McGee in the dog house. 6
8 Vujacic, Sasha For what seems like the millionth year in a row, we have a SG who can’t shoot. 11
9 Early, Cleanthony Another player that had a strong pre-season. I have serious doubts we’ll see anything close to that kind of production in the regular season. That being said, Early looks like he’s imp
roved greatly since last season.
10 Thomas, Lance Lance had 2 good games, but I can’t put him higher than this because I still think he’s not good and that the Spurs game was what we should expect going forward. 14
11 Seraphin, Kevin And now we get to the injured portion of the roster. Seraphin played his first game of the season agains thte Spurs and looked ok in the 5 minutes he played. 10
12 Amundson, Lou Lou is still injured, get well soon Lou. 12
13 Afflalo, Arron The longer Arron is injured, the longer we have to see Sasha start.  Sasha starting is no longer acceptable for a team not trying to tank. 13
14 Calderon, Jose Hi I’m the Knicks starting PG.  I can’t shoot, defend, rebound, or assist anymore but I still start and play half of every game. 8



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