2015/16 Knicks Roster Power Rankings – Week 4

Pretty decent week.  The Knicks went 2-2, were .1 seconds away from beating the Hornets and were in control of the Cavs game until that terrible 4th quarter.  Melo is finally playing well and Afflalo is back in the lineup.  Fishers 11 man rotation makes these rankings pretty difficult.
Rank Player Comments Last weeks Rank
1 Anthony, Carmelo Melo scored 25 or more in all 4 games, and is assisting more than our starting PG.  That sounds impressive until you realize our starting PG is assisting at a rate of about 3.5 APG. 3
2 Porzingis, Kristaps The shot is still not falling, which is frustrating, be he’s doing everything else right.  15 rebounds and an (almost) game winner against the Hornets, and his fouls are way down.  I’ll take it. 2
3 Afflalo, Arron A shooting guard who can kinda sorta shoot!  He’s not going to single handedly take over games, but he’s looked good in his first week back and more importantly is taking Vujacics minutes. 14
4 Galloway, Langston An off week for Galloway, but still our most consitent bench option. 1
5 Calderon, Jose Maybe lowering Calderons minutes to around 22 per game was the secret.  He’s hitting shots and every once in a while covering opposing players. 5
6 Grant, Jerian Grant has looked decent but what happened to his shot?  He missed every single 3 point attempt in every single game this week. 9
7 Lopez, Robin Defense is nice but a total of 4 points total in the last 3 games?  Are you kidding me? 4
8 Thomas, Lance And this is where the 11-13 man rotation makes my life difficult.  Lance and the two players after then each had one good game and a few crap games and are interchangeab
le at this point.
9 Seraphin, Kevin Looked good in NO.  If he can step up on defense he’ll get some more minutes. 11
10 Amundson, Lou Lou is doing what we thought KOQ would do. 13
11 O’Quinn, Kyle The honeymoon with KOQ sure ended fast. 6
12 Williams, Derrick Is Stupid Hair McGee that bad on defense that he can’t get minutes over Lance Thomas?  Come on SHM, get your act together! 7
13 Vujacic, Sasha Sasha is doing exactly what he should be doing, cheering his teammates on from the bench. 10
14 Early, Cleanthony Hey Clean Tony, thanks for those two 3 pointers.  See you next month. 12



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