2015/16 Knicks Roster Power Rankings – Week 5

3 wins this week, bringing the win streak to 4 games!  I’m of course pretending the Miami game didn’t happen.  Those aren’t the Knicks I watched for the first 14 games of the season.  Those were a bunch of jokers who didn’t play defense and couldn’t shoot.
Rank Player Comments Last weeks Rank
1 Porzingis, Kristaps It took a whole 5 weeks before our young, too skinny, multi-year project claimed the #1 spot.  Zingis arguably outplayed our superstar Melo in 3 of the 4 games this week, including a 29 point game and a 7 block game (both tops among rookies this season). 2
2 Anthony, Carmelo Melo has been alright this week. Not the untradable superstar I keep hearing about, but decent.  His assists are back down, 5 over the course of the last 3 games, and his shot is still streaky.  Basically classic Melo, very good but leaves you wanting more. 1
3 Afflalo, Arron Afflalo is a legit starting SG, but not one of the best SG’s in the league.  He is, however, probably the best SG the Knicks have had since Starks.  That’s depressing. 3
4 Calderon, Jose The Knicks go as Calderon goes. He played well in our 3 wins and bad in the 1 loss. 5
5 Galloway, Langston For the first 3 weeks I thought we had a deep bench, now it looks like Galloway and whatever random guy ends up playing well for 1 night. 4
6 Lopez, Robin His defense is still good and while his scoring has been very underwhelming, he’s scoring almost 3 more points a game than Tyson Chandler (5.4ppg). 7
7 Thomas, Lance Lance is one of the teams best defenders.  Once in a while he looks really nice on offense too. I’m almost ready to apologize for all the Lance hate early in the season.  Almost. 8
8 Seraphin, Kevin Literally everyone else on this team can play anywhere from 0 to 25 minutes on a given night.  Seraphin has been the best of the bunch this week. 9
9 Amundson, Lou I’m tempted to just put Lou and the 5 guys below him all at 14th.  They’ve all pretty much sucked. 10
10 Grant, Jerian Grant shot 2-15 over the 4 games this week and looks like his confidence is totally shot.  Not good. 6
11 Williams, Derrick Sometimes I want Stupid Hair Mcgee to play more, and then other teams I see he had a +/- of -15 in 6 minutes against the Hornets, and -9 in 4 minutes against the Heat. 12
12 O’Quinn, Kyle Getting 2 turnovers, a foul, and a missed shot in 4 minutes of play won’t get this minutes increased. 11
13 Early, Cleanthony If the rest of the bench is going to suck so bad, why not let Clean Tony get a shot? 14
14 Vujacic, Sasha How did this guy start for so many games?  I think the basketball gods punished us last night for such an affront to a starting lineup. 13



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