2015/16 Knicks Roster Power Rankings – Week 13

The Knicks went 2-2 this week.  That’s OK, but losing to Brooklyn and needing double overtime to beat the ’76ers isn’t good.  I guess it could have been worse, and there were some nice performances in Melo’s 2 game absence.

Rank Player Comments Last weeks Rank
1 Afflalo, Arron 3 really nice games for Arron this week. We’ll ignore the Grizzlies game. The Knicks win almost every time Arron scores over 20 points. 2
2 Porzingis, Kristaps Porzingis has had good shooting nights more often than not lately. It looks like stamina is the only thing holding him back, which is understandable since he has already played more minutes than all of last season. 3
3 Anthony, Carmelo If anyone was wondering just how important Melo is to this team, the Nets game should be a good indication. The Knicks can’t even beat the dregs of the league without Melo. 1
4 Williams, Derrick Williams was one of the only guys who showed against Brooklyn. Not sure why his minutes fluctuate so much (defense? Shot selection?) but he puts up great numbers when he plays more than 20. 5
5 Lopez, Robin I still can’t figure out why sometimes Robin looks like he has some offense and sometimes he looks like Dennis Rodman on offense. 4
6 Galloway, Langston Everyone from here on out had at least 1 terrible game. Langstons was the zero point game against Boston, but the rest of the week was solid. 7
7 Thomas, Lance Everyone time I apologize to Lance he has a terrible week. I’m not going to drop him too much this week in the hopes that he pulls it together soon. 6
8 Calderon, Jose Some nights Jose looks fine and others he looks like a backup at best. We can probably all agree that he can no longer stay in front of anyone. 8
9 O’Quinn, Kyle O’Quinn played well in the one game he got playing time. He’s a really good insurance policy right now. 10
10 Grant, Jerian Everyone once in a while Jerian shows flashes that make me really excited. Unfortunately not often enough. 9
11 Amundson, Lou In an exciting turn of events, Lou has moved up to the 11th man in a 9 man rotation. 12
12 Seraphin, Kevin Kevin delivered some quality cheerleading moments from the bench this week. He looks like a fun dude to have on the team. 11
13 Vujacic, Sasha Sasha hit some shots and had a positive +/- twice this week. Yay I guess? 14
14 Early, Cleanthony DNP-Bullets 13



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