2015/16 Knicks Roster Power Rankings – Week 20

The Knicks are back down to 14 as Jimmer ends his 10 day contract averaging 50 points per 36 minutes.   It looks like the Knicks are going to use that final spot on Tony Wroten, who is coming off an injury and most likely won’t play the rest of the season, so that really helps our guard situation.  Anyway, one win and two losses since last week, lets see if I can sort out this mess.
Rank Player Comments Last weeks Rank
1 Anthony, Carmelo This might have been Melos beat week of the season. I am a little disturbed Rambis finds it necessary to play Melo 40+ minutes on back to back nights. If he breaks Melo we might not win another game, and we’re on pace to win at least 2 more! 2
2 Afflalo, Arron Afflalo had a really great week. Now that my expectations are up I’m fully expecting an absolutely terrible week coming up very soon. 9
3 Lopez, Robin Lopez has been one of the only consistently positive things about this season. 3
4 Porzingis, Kristaps Porzingis went from good against Portland to not so good against the Celtics, to injured for the Pistons game. Not one of his better weeks. He also ended his streak of eastern conference rookie of the month awards, losing out to Myles Turner. 1
5 O’Quinn, Kyle Congrats to Kyle for being the least terrible guy on the Knicks bench! 10
6 Williams, Derrick Have you noticed that the Knicks get outscored by a ton whenever Derrick is in the game? I thought it was just a bench thing but he was the only starter with a negative +/- against Detroit. 8
7 Calderon, Jose I’m actually starting to feel bad for Calderon.   It’s not his fault the Knicks put him in a position he is no longer qualified to hold. 6
8 Grant, Jerian The Knicks bench has been disgusting this week.   Grants 2-6 week was among the better performances. 7
9 Thomas, Lance Remember when everyone was asking me to apologize for being hard on Lance? Those emails sure have slowed down.  Maybe it has something to do with is 5-23 week. 5
10 Galloway, Langston Absolutely brutal week. Langston shot 1-17.  1-17! 4
11 Early, Cleanthony Early has been assigned to the D-league, really glad he’s making a quick comeback. 12
12 Seraphin, Kevin With Porzingis down, Kevin is only 3 more injuries away from getting playing time. 13
13 Amundson, Lou Hi Lou! 14
14 Vujacic, Sasha Only 4 minutes this week, so maybe coach is kinda, sorta coming to his senses. He was 0-1 this week which makes it over a month since Sasha hit a shot (February 7th). 15



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