New York Knicks vs Oklahoma City Thunder – 11/28/16 – Game Recap

New York Knicks vs Oklahoma City Thunder
Game 17: November 28, 2016
Thunder 112, Knicks 103

Written by Eric Weinstein – @ericcweinsteinn

Yeah, that Westbrook guy is pretty good.

Mr. Triple Double came into the Garden tonight and lived up to that name, and then some.

Russell Westbrook had a triple double 3 minutes into the third quarter and finished with 27 points, 18 rebounds, and 14 assists, which are numbers even the best NBA 2K players would have trouble getting (I would know, I’m a beast at 2K). A disappointing loss to say the least, as the Knicks saw their home winning streak come to an end at 6. Derrick Rose had his highest scoring game of the season with 30 points to lead the Knicks. Kristaps Porzingis had 21 points, and Carmelo Anthony had one of his worst games this season with 18 points on 4-19 shooting.

Takeaways from this game:


If this guy doesn’t win the MVP it’s a joke. If you take away Russell Westbrook from the Oklahoma City Thunder, this team might pick first in the lottery, as he is truly the most valuable player in the NBA. The way he can take over a game in an instant is incredible to watch, whether he attacks the basket or sets up his teammates. He plays the game with a chip on his shoulder, and there’s probably a little more motivation since his buddy KD skipped town.

Westbrook outdueled Derrick Rose tonight and led OKC to a victory, but it’s how he does it that makes him a superstar. Every play he makes seems to make him more motivated to make another one, and he’s never satisfied with his game. The drive to be the best is what makes Westbrook the player he is. Could you tell I really like this guy?

A real stinker from Melo:

Look, I get that he’s a great scorer, I get that he’s a former scoring champion, an all-star, I get all of that, but could somebody tell Carmelo to stop shooting? 4-19? Really? Unacceptable. He had Andre Roberson on him, an excellent defender, and he just kept trying to take him one on one, and he continued to be unsuccessful. He completely stopped any ball movement and continuity in the offense, which would lead to easy buckets on the other end of the floor for the Thunder.

Anthony has to realize the night’s when he doesn’t have it, because he is hurting the team with games like these.

The 72 Million dollar problem:

We all know this is a real issue. Joakim Noah, for lack of a better word, looked like garbage tonight, plain and simple. Yeah, he had his moments with a few blocks and slick passes, but he was atrocious on the glass and on defense, which is what the Knicks are paying him 72 million dollars to do. Did I mention they’re paying him 72 million dollars over the next four years? He finished this game with 2 points, 3 rebounds, 4 assists, and 4 blocks. Good numbers for a role player, but not for a guy you expect so much more out of. He repeatedly got bullied down low on the boards and on defense, and I felt myself begging for Hornacek to put in Willy Hernangomez or Kyle O’Quinn into the game. I could go on for days, but this dude better figure it out, and figure it out fast.

Bottom line is that the Knicks were outhustled by the Thunder tonight. A team can’t expect to win when they outrebounded by 13 and give up 17 offensive boards. The Knicks poor shooting and rebounding killed the Knicks tonight, and they’ll have a long flight to Minnesota to think about it. Timberwolves on Wednesday and then again on Friday, which should be two wins against a struggling team. Have to get it done on the road. 8-9.


One thought on “New York Knicks vs Oklahoma City Thunder – 11/28/16 – Game Recap

  1. It’ s time to be patient. All is not lost, yet but it is starting to look that way, isn’t it? All I’ll suggest is to play the kids more so that by January or February they wil be able to reduce those kid fouls and help the team. Hornacek is right in keeping the rotation fluid until he is sure he knows the personnel, inside and out. how about using Baker a little more as it becomes apparent that the Kinicks have no chance to make the playoffs, use February 1st as the cut off date.


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