Episode 380: Ex Knicks in the Playoffs

Marc and Jay talk about each series of the playoffs, offseason moves, ex Knicks in the playoffs, what Phil might be thinking, who to draft, and much more

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One thought on “Episode 380: Ex Knicks in the Playoffs

  1. Hey dudes, sorry for the absence of my rants lately, I took a brief Knicks sobatical due to me dying inside ever so slowly.

    Finally getting a bit pumped about off season, hopefully we won’t have to make too many new friends this year.

    Hope Jackson plays it cool and doesn’t make moves just to make moves.
    feeling really pumpef and least stressed about draft regarding the laundry list of things to be fixed , if Jackson has done one thing alone that is note worthy, they have come through pretty big between kp and finding other cats that I hope to see back on roster next year.
    What do you guys think? Wish I could say I knew more about lottery picks but Frank from Euro league seems like a really fun option, assuming we get 7 th pick who would like to draft within reason. I’m liking Frank from euro league, I just get a good feeling about him on the floor with kp. Euro players seem to be a little more mature than some of the recent young talents coming in to the league

    Do we get mad if a 31 year old pg gets signed this summer? On the fence with melo, but would be pissed to lose him for a few role players, kinda feels like we have that in place already with kuz,Lee , holiday hernangomez oquinn. Young bunch that will link play better together in time, can we mention oquinn just doesn’t get injured ever too? He’s not too old and what more could you want off the bench?
    Ide love to draft a true pg and hope we can maybe get jrue out here, or Rubio

    At worst we trade melo for a Griffin and we have a trade asset in him.

    Thanks brother’s Knicks for life. Let me know your thoughts



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