Episode 387: Emergency Episode

Marc, Jay, and Bri talk about Phil Jackson getting fired, Frank Ntilikina getting injured, Isiah Thomas speaks out, Chris Paul gets traded, and more

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2 thoughts on “Episode 387: Emergency Episode

  1. If KP would show a repeated prima donn’ish behavior then it would be justified for Phil to say that he is a prima donna, but if it happened only once then Phil is just salty that his ego is not being respected.
    Other than that, not showing up to a interview is the only way to silently protest against something. Have you ever seen a player during an interview expressing criticism or dissatisfaction with his team,coaches or anything related? No, mostly no. They usually have to say nice things.
    IMO there are salty and jealous people, and if they do not get what they want they start to lay road blocks for others.


  2. Frank didn’t get injured in his first Summer league game… He hasn’t played a summer league game. He injured it in his last game in France.

    You guys trash “your” team, but you mess stuff up just like Knicks organizations. Sad


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