2017/18 Knicks Roster Power Rankings – Week 1

The first player rankings for the season. There are a lot of new faces. Again. Let’s see if we can sort this out.
Rank Player Comments Last weeks Rank
1 Porzingis, Kristaps The best player on the team by a mile. I’m not worried about his talent level, but health is definitely a concern.
2 Hardaway Jr., Tim A guy the Knicks fanbase practically chased out with pitchforks is one of the best players on the team 2 short seasons later. Will he be grossly overpaid or just slightly overpaid?
3 Kanter, Enes This list is already difficult to put together. Could #3 on this list really be someone who is an absolute liability on defense? At least he has elite level offense. The Knicks will definitely be looking to outscore teams this season.
4 Lee, Courtney One of the few guys who can play defense on this team. Which means he’ll probably be traded by all star break.
5 Hernangomez, Willy Hoping (B)Willing can make a mini-leap this season. The better he is the less we have to watch Noah drag his corpse up and down the court.
6 O’Quinn, Kyle KOQ has 12 games to make his presence known. Once Noah comes back he could lose all his minutes if he doesn’t impress.
7 Thomas, Lance Lance is going to be in an intersting fight for minutes along with Beasley and McDermott.
8 Beasley, Michael I think I’m much higher on Beasley than most people. Lets see how long that lasts.
9 McDermott, Doug I keep hearing about how great a shooter McD is, but if he can’t do anything else is he worth playing?
10 Ntilikina, Frank Hard to rank a rookie who played part of 1 preseason game. Also frustrating that we’ve been complaining about the Knicks PG situation for a decade and the first PG to show up on this list is #10.
11 Baker, Ron Baker had a great story last season. I have my doubts the sequel will be as good as the original.
12 Sessions, Ramon In typical Knicks fashion, they sign a guy 7 years after they want him.
13 Dotson, Damyean I’m excited about Dotson, but it’s going to be hard to find minutes for him right now.
14 Kuzminskas, Mindaugas I think Kuz is in jeopardy of getting cut. He was alright last season but I don’t see his ceiling as being much higher than what we saw last year and he’s in his late 20’s.
15 Jack, Jarrett Jack is most likely getting cut as soon as Noah gets back from his suspension. It’s sad that anyone is getting cut because of Noah at this point.
16 Noah, Joakim If Noah gives the Knicks anything at all this year I’ll be surprised. He was washed up 3 years ago. He was very washed up 2 years ago. He was still very much washed up last year. Now he’s coming off of injuries, drugs, and is well into his 30’s. Should be fun.



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