Question of the Day 9/17/12

A lot of people have said they expect the Knicks to be a top 5 defensive team. Where do you think the Knicks will rank on offense compared to the rest of the league?


Question of the Day 9/14/12

Question of the day: Which Knick does the most with the least talent and which Knick does the least with the most talent?

Question of the Day 9/13/12

Which Knicks player would you most like to grab a drink with?

Episode 129: Final Grades

We give each player and coach season ending grades, make fun of the Heat and recap the 2nd round games.  Download Episode 129

Playoff Predictions

In Episode 124 Marc and Jay were joined by Jim Cavan (@jpcavan) from to make our playoff predictions.  Here are the results:

Eastern Conference:

1st Round

Chicago Bulls vs. Philadelphia 76ers

Jay’s Pick: Chicago in 5
Marc’s Pick: Chicago in 7
Jim’s Pick: Chicago in 6

Miami Heat vs New York Knicks

Jay’s Pick: Miami in 5
Marc’s Pick: Knicks in 4
Jim’s Pick: Miami in 6 Continue reading

New York Knicks @ Milwaukee Bucks 4/11/12 – Game Thread

Yay, the game is on at a normal time tonight!  In case you haven’t realized, tonight’s game is kind of a big deal.  Will be be in 9th by the end of the night or will we all sleep just a little bit better tonight knowing our chances of making the playoffs have significantly increased?

Who’s going to have a big game?  Who’s going to make me pull my (remaining) hair out?  Post your comments below!

New York Knicks @ Chicago Bulls – Game Thread

Post your comments here for tonights game.  My first comment is, why is this game on so late?  Hopefully it’s an exciting game, if not I’ll be posting with you until I pass out.

To avoid spam I have the site set to approve the first post from all new posters, but once you’re approved you can post as much as you want without waiting.

Eastern Conference Midseason Grades

The season is half over so I thought it would be a good idea to take a look at how each team has fared so far and give them mid-season grades.

Let’s start with the Eastern Conference, going in order of current standing.

Miami Heat: A+: The East is as predictable as the West is unpredictable. I don’t think there’s a person on the planet who didn’t think Miami and Chicago would be the top 2 teams. LeBron is having his best season as a professional and has also managed to stay away from twitter, interviews, hour-long specials, and every other way he put his foot in his mouth last season. The supporting cast is much better this year after signing Battier, getting a steal in Norris Cole in the draft, and having a healthy Haslem and Miller. The road to the finals goes through Miami.

Chicago Bulls: A+: Only one game out of first and that’s with Rose missing a bunch of games. It doesn’t seem to matter who replaces Rose, they continued to win with John Lucas III and Mike James at the point. The best defense in the league and a deep bench. We should really just start the east playoffs with the conference finals, Chicago and Miami are so much better than the rest of the conference it’s almost unfair.

Indiana Pacers: A: This year’s most improved team. People barely talked about the David West signing, that was a very underrated move. You won’t seem them on national TV very often, so they’ve been flying under the radar and have quietly moved up to the #3 seed. This is a young team that’s is in a great situation cap-wise. They’ll need that cap space to make a move to put them in the same league with the top two teams in the conference, but even without making a move, as presently constructed they’ll be a tough out for years to come. Continue reading

Episode 103: The LINsanity Continues

That’s three in a row with Jeremy Lin starting at the point.  This is by far the happiest episode we’ve ever done.  Download Episode 103

Easy Shots vs. Hard Shots…In Baron Davis We Trust…Why the Knicks look so awful right now

If Kevin Garnett had hit that last second shot against the Knicks on Christmas then this season would have been an absolute disaster so far. Instead, the Knicks are 1-2 and we are all comforted by the thought that, “hey, it has only been three games.” Yes, the season is young but I think the Knicks need to take their problems very seriously or this season could get out of control really fast and by February we could all be speculating as to what lottery pick the Knicks will get in next year’s draft (assuming they have not traded this pick away which is very possible).

Last night, in their loss to the Lakers, it seemed like the Lakers had quite a number of easy looks while the Knicks seemed to have to work hard for every basket. The Lakers shot extremely well last night especially in the first half where the Lakers seemed like they never missed a basket. The Knicks, on the other hand, managed to stay in the game despite an awful shooting night. This may make you think that if the Lakers did not get so lucky with their shooting and if the Knicks had a little more luck last night then the outcome would have been different. The problem with this thought process is that you are missing why the Lakers were having more “luck” shooting and the Knicks lacked “luck”. Teams can make their own “luck”. The real difference is that the Lakers shot a lot more easy shots than the Knicks and that is why they shot the ball much better last night. The Lakers were hitting lay-ups and short, open jumpers while the Knicks were focusing on 3s and almost always taking contested shots. It is very understandable that the team taking the easier shots will more times than not shoot better than the team taking harder shots. If the Knicks want to improve their offensive performance they need to really focus on taking easier shots, or what you would call higher percentage shots (and if they want to improve their defense they may want to focus on forcing teams like the Lakers into lower percentage shots by say having everyone stick with their man). The Lakers were able to shoot a lot of easy shots last night because they did some very important things like moved the ball around, found open cutters, used screens and basically worked as a team. These things sound pretty basic but maybe D’Antoni, the Offensive Genius may want to work on these things with his team. He may also want to try basic, youth league rules like you have to pass the ball twice before anyone is allowed to shoot so at least this team thinks about passing (Toney “I shoot way too early” Douglas in particular should never be allowed to shoot before having passed the ball at least once).

The common collective response to the Knicks’ offensive woes is that we do not have a true point guard and once Baron Davis gets back everything will be fine. Continue reading