Brooklyn Hipsters knock off the New York Isolations…This one hurts way more than Houston

HEY FELTON, STOP FREAKIN’ SHOOTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Knicks played retro ball tonight and by retro ball I mean they played like it was last season. They played all iso ball all the time. There were times I thought Melo was going to break out a cape he was playing so much hero ball. This loss may be their worst all season. It is not because it was against the Nets. This one can’t be blamed on bad refs or too much travel. The Knicks didn’t catch a crazy performance from a Chandler Parsons type tonight. The defense was all right but they were ugly on offense throughout. It was every man for themselves on offense with the exception of Tyson Chandler who cleaned up and had a monster game on offense, keeping this team in the game. This loss kills me because we should not be about to enter December with this team reverting to all their bad habits. Let’s hope the real reason they lost was because Jason Kidd was out. Here are my thoughts:

  • Did JR Smith wear Felton’s number tonight because that is the only explanation for Felton’s 3-19 performance?
  • Did Rasheed re-retire before tonight’s game and not tell anyone? How does a guy who should only be shooting from inside the paint go 2-11?
  • Hey Melo, STOP TRYING TO DO EVERYTHING BY YOURSELF!!! You have teammates and unless you trust them you are never going to win.
  • Chandler was 12-13 from the field with 28 points, all of which seemed to be off of teammates misses. Does anyone want to run some pick and rolls for this guy? Chandler could have scored 40 tonight if the Knicks made any effort to get him involved in the offense.
  • Before Carmelo took that last second shot in overtime I called it that he was going to miss from 18 ft out. Do you know how I called it? Because that is all he ever does on last second shots. He always takes terrible long range shots at the end of games and I really do not remember the last time he hit one of them. Hey Woodson, I know you are not an offensive guru but can you please actually draw up a play for the end of game shots?
  • Hey Novak, please watch Jerry Stackhouse for lessons on how to get open behind the arc. Btw, could someone guard Stackhouse when he runs over to the corner?
  • Brook Lopez got 11 rebounds. Could someone box out the worse rebounding center in basketball?
  • Hey Reggie Evans, the new flopping rule is supposed to shame players into ending this ridiculous flopping. I guess you have no shame.
  • Why “start” Kurt Thomas if you don’t plan to actually play him in the game?

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