Knicks vs Pacers 11-18-12 – Game Thread

Will the Knicks bounce back against the Pacers or will a billion articles be posted tomorrow about how the 6-0 start was a fluke?  Comment as the game goes on.

11 thoughts on “Knicks vs Pacers 11-18-12 – Game Thread

  1. Hmmmmm…. If Woodson isn’t going to play either Camby or Thomas, why doesn’t he give Copeland a few minutes and see what he’s got? He played well in pre-season…..


  2. A couple things do worry me a bit though… Today was the 1st time the Knicks have out-rebounded their opponent, and they were actually out shot by the Pacers 39% to 37%… But obviously I’m still happy with the way they have played overall, especially their turnover ratio, the way ‘Melo has played team ball, and the way Felton has played…. I guess that Knicks jersey really is like Green Lantern’s ring for Ray, he looks like he did a couple years ago…….


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