The Knicks show a complete lack of interest in the #1 seed

The Knicks lost to Harry Potters tonight and it was not pretty. Here are my thoughts:

  • Maybe the Knicks are scared that the Celtics will be the 8th seed
  • Would you be surprised to learn that the Knicks bet Woodson that they could stay up for 24 straight hours and still beat the Wizards?
  • Some people said that the Wizards won because they are younger and faster than the Knicks. I have seen old-timers games where both teams looked faster than the Knicks tonight. It was not like the Wizards were running the Knicks ragged tonight, they just hit the open shots that the Knicks gave them.
  • Felton slowly dribbles up, asks Melo for a pick, Melo refuses and demands the ball, Felton again asks for a pick, Melo again refuses and Felton gives him the ball 20 feet from the basket, Melo dribbles a bit and misses an off balance 18 ft shot. This really happened.
  • Speaking of Felton, did he participate in a chicken wing eating contest right before the game. The dude seemed to lackadaisically dribble the ball up and pass before breaking the arc on every possession.
  • We also had some good examples of why we were on Amares case so much.  In the final two minutes John Wall has the ball within 10 feet of the basket.  Amare jumps in front of him and puts his hand up and then just walks away.  He turns around and sees Wall wide open and still doesn’t come back to him.  I know Woodson said play 5 feet off of Wall but I guess Amare didn’t realize that doesn’t apply when he’s 7 feet from the net.  Of course Wall hit a wide open jumper.
  • Hey Kidd, try some antler spray bc you are looking old.
  • Hey Woodson, I know this sounds radical but try playing Melo less than 40 minutes a night. I bet it works out well for this team.
  • Hey Knicks, every hear of a pick an roll?
  • Did the Wizards shoot a single contested 3 all night? This team has not been able to play good perimeter defense in over a decade.
  • Congrats Trevor Ariza, you got to play the Knicks tonight #Knickeffect
  • Finally, do you want to know why the Knicks lost? 23-14 assists, when you don’t pass you don’t win.

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