Knicks vs. team formerly known as the Bullets – 2-6-13

I get it John Wall is fast and they have some other young fast guards. They also have some good big men. What I also get is that that are the Wizards and they are destined for the lottery. The Knicks will win tonight with the only uncertainty being whether Chandler pulls down 20 boards. Who will get tonights #Knickeffect? Comment below as the game goes on.


2 thoughts on “Knicks vs. team formerly known as the Bullets – 2-6-13

  1. Well, as I said earlier today in the comments, the Knicks needed to put away the Wizards by halftime. That didn’t happen. John Wall also has to be fired up after getting crossed over/dropped by Felton (or tripped by Tyson) and getting pushed around by Amare. This game is probably going to be close.


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