2013/14 Knicks Roster Power Rankings – Week 13

Seriously, is this the same team I wrote about last week?  Four games, four blowout losses.  The closest game was a 10 point loss to the Pacers.  There were also Knick Effects in 3 out of 4 of these games (highest or 2nd highest scoring game of the season for an opposing player).  This might be my hardest week to rank yet as pretty much the entire roster has played way below expectations. Lets give this a try:
Rank Player Comments Last weeks Rank
1 Chandler, Tyson Tyson still does not look like himself but he had a decent week.  He even got involved on offense in a couple of games.  You know what kind of week it’s been when having a fairly decent couple of games gets you the #1 spot.  Bonus for calling out Woodson on his defensive scheme. 7
2 Anthony, Carmelo Melo has done a great job at getting to the line and is still rebounding at a good clip, even having a 20 rebound game.  Shooting 4-23 though….I’d like to see less iso and hero ball and more distribution, but considering pretty much the whole roster has been shooting poorly I can see where the lack of confidence in teammates is coming from. 1
3 Udrih, Beno Why is Beno this high?  Because he was smart enough to reqest a trade.  That kind of intelligent thinking is worthy of a high spot. 11
4 Jeremy Tyler Jeremy Tyler went 3-4, 2-3 and 3-3 in consecutive games.  Shooting numbers the likes of which the rest of the roster couldn’t achieve even in the wettest of dreams. 15
5 Stoudemire, Amar’e Amare had a good game before rolling an ankle that will keep him out 2-3 weeks.  At least it wasn’t his knee.   5
6 Smith, J.R. Look at this, a season high in the power rankings for JR.  He had a good game.  One.  He shot exactly 50%, not above, but still, I’ll take 9-18 from JR any day.  Everyone below JR had zero good games ths week.  I was tempted to rank JR a spot or two higher but then I remembered his shitty brother retweeted tweets saying Beno should be not alive and since I can’t ding Chris on this list anymore I dinged JR. 12
7 Martin, Kenyon K-Mart reinjured his ankle for the 18th time in the same game that Amare injured his ankle.  It did result in Jeremy Tyler getting some run which was nice, but K-Mart was playing his best ball of the season when he got injured.  Thanks a lot basketball gods! 3
8 Murry, Toure’ Toure Murry jacked up some shots this week and missed almost all of them.  I’m guessing he’s jacking up shots because he knows he’s only going to play 3 minutes and wants to do something, anything.  He plays defense so of course he’s not part of the regular rotation, those spots are reserved for players who allow opposing guards to score at will. 8
9 Hardaway Jr., Tim Some spotty shooting early in the week, kinda got it together the last two games, but his defense has been really bad.  Hopefully he’s not picking up too many irreversible bad habits on this terrible defensive team. 10
10 Prigioni, Pablo Pablo finally came back after missing a few weeks with that random toe injury.  A few people got on him for passing to a wide open Bargs because Bargs can’t shoot.  You can’t get mad at someone for passing to a wide open player.  If that player sucks that bad he shouldn’t be out there. 9
11 World Peace, Metta Metta got the final blood transfusion or whatever the hell they are doing to his knee and is supposed to be back very soon.  He said he is going to take his time to make sure he’s healthy.  He’s probably also taking his time because no one in their right mind would want to get back into the thick of the crapnado that is this team. 13
12 Shumpert, Iman 98 minutes, 21 shot attempts and only 5 makes.  That week in Texas where he went off makes me think he’s not injured, so what the hell is going on?  He is ranked above the last 3 players because he still plays defense most of the time.  He got into an argument with assistant coach Walker, so I’m not sure if his attitude is going to be a problem in the future. 2
13 Felton, Raymond Felton isn’t shooting the ball well, he isn’t passing enough and he’s letting ever opposing guard run amok.  I really can’t think of anything positive he’s doing at all right now. 6
14 Bargnani, Andrea No one expected Bargnani to be great of defense, but he’s been a mess.  He isn’t rebounding and he has shot terrible too.  Oh and he had the worst or 2nd worst +/- in every game this week with a -77.  Holy crap! 4
15 Aldrich, Cole All these blowouts resulted in Aldrich making 3 appearances this week. 14

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